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Creviceimprov electronic/ambient from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley and Roslyn Steer are Crevice, a collective of electronic improv performers.

02. Each with a background in Irish independent & avant-garde music, the outfit specialises an atmospheric ambience. In their relatively short time together, they’ve come in for critical acclaim, winning the IndieCork Music Award in 2015.

03. Streaming above is Sludge Gore, a live take that forms part of their limited publicly-available output to date.

04. Performing next at Cork County Hall this Friday night for Culture Night, with Rory Francis O’Brien in support. Kickoff 8.30. Roslyn Steer also has a solo performance as part of TEDx CorkSalon’s #Cork Loves Music event, Wednesday night at Coughlan’s.

Verdict: By their nature difficult to discuss beyond vague descriptors and moods, Crevice are a compelling proposition, but must be experienced live to be fully understood.


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9 thoughts on “You May Like This: Crevice


    bucky: just been tinkn, does our bio sound like an advert like?

    rosser: nah, just hit 2 birds with de 1 stone like

  2. Tony*

    ‘By their nature difficult to discuss beyond vague descriptors and moods’

    Would you ever jump up your own crevice

  3. Peter Dempsey

    It’s a pity those Black Sun gigs are no longer held in Cork. Crevice would fit in very well. I remember they put on a guy called Jean Louis Costes who ate his own faeces.

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