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Keep the noise down, perishing woodland creatures.

Ian Dempsey (another one) writes:

Need some aural balm for these strange times?

Sounds of the Forest collects ambient sounds from woodlands and forests all around the world, creating a growing soundmap bringing together aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands.

The sounds then form an open source library, to be used by anyone to listen to and create from. Above is a lovely recording from Gougane Barra in beautiful West Cork. The full map and sites included can be viewed (at link below).

Sounds of the Forest


VogelbatKilkenny electronica

What you may need to know…

01. A Kilkenny man now plying his trade in Berlin, Dave Sheenan creates ambient glitchiness under the name Vogelbat.

02. Emerging in 2015, Sheenan has kept a steady flow of tunes coming, varying from trip-hop to ambience, including standout track Ovl.

03. Streaming above is latest single Lithx, featuring the vocal talents of now-regular collaborator Sad Mermaid.

04. Described by The Thin Air as “another first-rate slice of ambient-leading electronica, melding shuddering pockets of rhythm, synth swells and abstracted vocals over nigh on five minutes”.

Thoughts: Ethereal electronics from the heart of the medium’s world capital.



Outsider Y.P.The artist formerly known as Young Phantom

What you may need to know…

01. Cork-based rapper/beatmaker/freelancer Mark Mavambu has always been an ambitious sort, and the extent of what he has in mind is starting to make itself apparent.

02. Having both joined the ranks of the Word Up Collective (Dublin) and established Outsiders Entertainment as a catch-all banner for the exploits of himself and collaborators, the former Young Phantom has taken up the A$AP Mob naming convention to get the ball rolling on the latter, rebranding as Outsider Y.P.

03. Streaming above (in a Broadsheet premiere!) is the cinematic video for Saddest Day, the leadoff single for new album Alone.Insane.Alive, releasing on April 30th. On the video, he writes:

The music video is shot in the city of Hong Kong, starring fashion designer and model Sai Wing. The video is shot and edited by 3JBK, a team of videographers and video producers based in Hong Kong.

The collaborative effort was scripted and co-directed by Outsider YP and 3JBK’s Edward Chun. This is the first of a possible many other collaborations between Yp and Asian based creatives. His love of anime and Asian pop culture in general was one of the driving forces behind Yp deciding to attempt to shoot his first music video in Asia.

04. The album launches on April 29th with a special listening party at the Glucksman Museum in UCC, with what’s described as an “unorthodox” listening experience, performance and an ambient DJ set from veteran Leeside beatslinger Stevie G.

Thoughts: This column has sung his praises before, but it bears repeating – Young Phantom is one of the most exciting artists in Irish music of any genre today.

Outsider Y.P.


WORMCork ambient two-piece launch new label

What you may need to know…

01. Leeside stalwarts Caoilian Sherlock and Mr. K (he of Not Earth), by their powers combined, are ambient duo WORM.

02. Recorded during the winter of last year, debut album Stars Talking was given life in various locales around the city, including the dearly-departed Cork Community Print Shop.

03. Streaming above in the widget now, and also available for name-your-price download.

04. This release is also that of their new label, Small Town Disco, so named for Sherlock’s radio show on Dublin Digital Radio.

Thoughts: Thoughtful, in-the-moment jams from their own space and time. Wonderful.



OSTreflections on Election Night

What you may need to know…

01. OST is the solo project of former We Come in Pieces man Shane Harrington. Last time we checked in on him, he’d just released third album Uncaused.

02. New single Bleed Line was released overnight Irish time, and takes a stab at fathoming the atmosphere in New York on the night of Trump’s election.

03. Writes Harrington:

This piece was recorded as an attempt to bottle the atmosphere on election night in Harlem, NYC, 11.08.16. Simultaneous feelings of uneasiness, uncertainty and a sort of involuntary detachment dominated. The mixing process, carried out a day later, added different colors. Concepts like America, time, depression, duality, escapism/arrival oscillated. The video collage was added last with an eye on media narratives, history and political OBEs.

04. Streaming above is the accompanying video collage, also assembled by Harrington.

Verdict: A stark and poignant reminder that when times get hard, the artists get to work, taking stock, documenting and fomenting change via organisation and discourse.



The Smoke ClearsGalway-based electronics

What you may need to know…

01. The Smoke Clears is a pseudonym of Galway-based house/techno producer John Daly, a project in which he eschews genre tropes for experimental electronics.

02. A leader in his field, Daly has been well-travelled, co-founding and rebooting Irish label Feel Music, and releasing on well-renowned independent labels, among them Drumpoet, Secretsundaze and Running Back.

03. Streaming above is a teaser for the project’s second eponymous LP, released in September via Dublin label/shop All City Records.

04. Appearing live next at the Triskel in Cork on November 12th, with support from WRY MYRRH and Huerco S., as part of the Cork Film Festival.

Verdict: With more in common with ambient electronica and post-rock than with any established club fare, The Smoke Clears allows Daly to explore his own outer limits.

The Smoke Clears


Creviceimprov electronic/ambient from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley and Roslyn Steer are Crevice, a collective of electronic improv performers.

02. Each with a background in Irish independent & avant-garde music, the outfit specialises an atmospheric ambience. In their relatively short time together, they’ve come in for critical acclaim, winning the IndieCork Music Award in 2015.

03. Streaming above is Sludge Gore, a live take that forms part of their limited publicly-available output to date.

04. Performing next at Cork County Hall this Friday night for Culture Night, with Rory Francis O’Brien in support. Kickoff 8.30. Roslyn Steer also has a solo performance as part of TEDx CorkSalon’s #Cork Loves Music event, Wednesday night at Coughlan’s.

Verdict: By their nature difficult to discuss beyond vague descriptors and moods, Crevice are a compelling proposition, but must be experienced live to be fully understood.



Participantplaying Hard Working Class Heroes festival.

What you may need to know…

01. Participant is the nom-de-plume of Co. Dublin ambient/indie singer-composer Stephen Tierney.

02. Releasing debut E.P. Bit Slow in 2014, the Irish gigging/festival grind and accolades from the Irish music press swiftly followed. Last year saw the release of sophomore extended-player Content.

03. Streaming above is Leave Me Here, released back in March of this year.

04. Participant is among those lined up for Hard Working Class Heroes this October, from the 6th to the 8th, across various Dublin venues.

VERDICT: The most admirable aspect of Participant’s brittle, gentle sonic sensibilities is the discipline and effort into maintaining such minimalism. Such care rich reaps rewards for those that bear with it.