Woman Enough


Here’s How podcast.

Host William Campbell (right) meets prominent YouTuber Natalie Parrott (left).

William writes:

Recently the Here’s How podcast talked to veteran British feminist Linda Bellos – who does not regard transwomen as ‘real’ women – about how she was ‘deplatformed’ from speaking at Cambridge university.

In this edition, I interview Natalie Parrott (of the hugely creative ContraPoints channel) to get the trans view on deplatforming, gender recognition, free speech, and gender transition for children….

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Here’s How

2 thoughts on “Woman Enough

  1. Deluded

    That was a challenging interview!
    Interesting statistic there on the increase in referrals for gender affirmation, I thought it was obvious that more people are comfortable now in seeking help as opposed to it being some “social contagion”, William suggesting that struggling with your identity is on a par with liking Fortnite or funny beards.
    Anyway, Natalie did well given the hostile questioning.

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