A petition by [Dublin City] Councillor Chris Andrews calling on the Irish government and Irish Water/Ervia to stop breaching the European Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD), to fix the problems which are causing wastewater overflows, and give us a safe, clean and healthy Dublin Bay.

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12 thoughts on “Pootition

  1. Joe Small

    Maybe if Chris’ party had supported water charges then Irish Water would have the cash to fix this kind of thing rather than depending on the Government in every Budget. Can’t have it both ways – not pay for water but expect a proper water and sewage service.

    1. Rob_G

      Agree 100%

      BS’s resident Citizen Smiths will be along shortly to argue that Dalkey residents shouldn’t be charged extra to water their lawns weekly

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Our taxes have always paid for water services. And for the.services that the LPT supposedly supplies (of course, LPT money has gone to the invoicing system which is IW). LPT + Tax for the same thing.
      So we are now paying on the double, and the reason? To pay ‘back’ the gamblers who should have lost on their investments when the economy went belly up.

      1. Rob_G

        “Our taxes have always paid for water services”

        – no they haven’t; between 2008 and about 2014, they were all on credit

        One question that not one member of the water rabble has ever been able to answer for me: if this model of paying for a scarce resource is so great, why don’t we pay for things like petrol, gas, food, or electricity through general taxation?

  2. Cian

    NIMBYism. [Dublin City] Councillor Chris Andrews wants IW to concentrate it’s resources in Dublin.

    We need an increase of funds from government to IW for all regional projects.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      We need the entity, IW closed. The regional councils etc., if they had the billions that have gone into an invoicing system available to them in the first place would have made inroads big time.

  3. eoin

    “calling on the Irish government and Irish Water/Ervia to stop breaching the European Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD)”

    Just as useful as the data commissioner calling on the Irish govt to stop breaking the law on privacy and data protection.

    Or, the European Commission calling on the Irish govt to stop charging Apple 0.1% corporation tax.

    Fine Gael, ladies and gentlemen, the party of (highly selective) law and order.

  4. eoin

    Irish Water, whose board is appointed by the galoot from Ranelagh,didn’t know about that leak in February until an amateur drone operator published that pic above. Irish Water didn’t know about the poo they were pumping into the Liffey “for days” until the people testing the water for the Liffey swim told them. Is there any more incompetent shower of FG-appointed individuals in the State?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      It was set up for the big man himself to be sold on after a few years, and once it wasn’t available to him quickly, the broadband has been set up for him. We are now left with an expensive invoicing department who have gathered personal information from anyone who registered. An invoicing department that hasn’t a clue about the workings of the system. Like the HSE, it needs to be disbanded and returned to the local areas in full (who are carrying out the work anyway)

  5. bisted

    …Ireland probably have some of the best water/drainage engineers in the world…Irish Water are bean counters…not engineers…

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