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Staying in Wednesday?

Episode two of An Cuan – looking at a year in the life of Dublin Bay.

Linda Ní Ghríofa writes:

This  focuses on Dublin Bay in the Summer. Dublin Bay blossoms in the summer and its many inhabitants make the most of the good weather. While spring brought new life to the bay, summer now brings longer and warmer days to thousands of busy animals, nursing and protecting their very vulnerable young.

Nestled amongst the cranes and berths of Dublin Port, ecologists check on the special pontoons built for the local tern population. On Bull Island, the rare and beautiful Bee Orchid comes into bloom. On Bloomsday, Joyceans celebrate the special connection between Ulysses and Dublin Bay. Whilst, under the water, local divers explore the sub-aqua world of Dublin Bay.

An Cuan on Wednesday at 9.30pm on TG4.

‘An Cuan’

A four-part series on TG4 taking a year-long look at Dublin Bay.

Linda Ni Ghriofa writes:

Teeming with life, both wild and human, the bay faces many challenges both natural and manmade. ‘An Cuan’ will explore this unique urban area where nature and humanity at times live in harmony and at others battle to co-exist. This series will take our audience on a journey through this beloved part of Ireland’s coastline and show it in a way rarely seen before. Each episode will follow the life of Dublin Bay across a season, starting with Spring…

On TG4 from Wednesday, November 10 at 9.30pm

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Save Poolbeg

Last night.

Via The Dublin Cycling Campaign

We collaborated with @WeAreTUDublin geomatics to create an interactive cycle map of Dublin Bay. The Dublin Bay By Bike map shows cycle routes + local amenities & attractions such as playgrounds, beaches, toilets, places to eat & much more: Go explore!

Dublin Bay By Bike Map (Dublin Cycling Campaign)


A petition by [Dublin City] Councillor Chris Andrews calling on the Irish government and Irish Water/Ervia to stop breaching the European Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD), to fix the problems which are causing wastewater overflows, and give us a safe, clean and healthy Dublin Bay.

Sign here

Previously: The Brown Water Is Back

A recent discharge from the Ringsend wastewater treatment plant into Dublin Bay

A sewage leak into Dublin Bay has been blamed on increased construction work pushing rubble into the system.

An analysis by Irish Water of material arriving at the wastewater treatment plant in Ringsend after the incident two weeks ago found that it was not normal sewage.

The material contained substances that were “possibly entering the sewer network as a result of the increase in construction activity across the city”, the company said.

Rubble in sewers led to Dublin Bay pollution (Seán McCárthaigh, The Times Ireland edition)

Previously: ‘Further Discharges Expected’

Pic: Eoin O’Shaughnessy/Dublin City Shots