And If The Band You’re In Starts Playing Different Tunes


The band at Wenatchee High School in Washington state, USA

Ah here.

Via The New York Post:

“You get kids back in the building. You can tell people are happy,” Principal Eric Anderson told WenatcheeWorld of the schoolhouse vibes since doors reopened on Jan. 26.

During rehearsal, happy campers in the band each zip into their personal tents, spaced 6 feet apart, along with their instruments. In an effort to avoid COVID-19 exposure, the ensemble practices in shifts per Wenatchee High’s new AM-PM hybrid schedule.

“We’re getting into that groove of what are we doing in-person and what are we asking kids to do as an extension of learning when they are not with us,” Anderson said of the remixed school day.

High school band uses individual tents to keep practicing during pandemic (New York Post)

Pic: World Photo

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18 thoughts on “And If The Band You’re In Starts Playing Different Tunes

  1. D-troll

    this has got to be a spoof. they would have used the same doors to the building, the same toilets.

    based on it being a new york school band, and having seen Whiplash film, they should lock them into their tents till they get it right

  2. Micko

    Someone on here yesterday claimed that the Irish were the stupidest in the world.

    “Ahem… I present you Exhibit A m’lud – The USA”

    Rest my case. etc etc

    1. Nigel

      Really? This suggests adaptability, innovation and a willingness to try new things, but you just see ‘stupid?’

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Maybe a musician could answer – they say that if you’re a trumpet player and someone stands in front of you and bites into a lemon, and you can see them, it causes the your mouth to water and you then have a problem playing the instrument?

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