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The band at Wenatchee High School in Washington state, USA

Ah here.

Via The New York Post:

“You get kids back in the building. You can tell people are happy,” Principal Eric Anderson told WenatcheeWorld of the schoolhouse vibes since doors reopened on Jan. 26.

During rehearsal, happy campers in the band each zip into their personal tents, spaced 6 feet apart, along with their instruments. In an effort to avoid COVID-19 exposure, the ensemble practices in shifts per Wenatchee High’s new AM-PM hybrid schedule.

“We’re getting into that groove of what are we doing in-person and what are we asking kids to do as an extension of learning when they are not with us,” Anderson said of the remixed school day.

High school band uses individual tents to keep practicing during pandemic (New York Post)

Pic: World Photo

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Kevin Bluett of TCD Orchestra writes:

On behalf of Trinity Orchestra, we would like to share our latest music video of our live recording of Demon Days [and other choons] by Gorillaz played by full orchestra. In addition to this we are announcing our entry to the 2015 Irish Music festival scene at one of Ireland’s largest festivals: Forbidden Fruit.

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Waddayanuts! writes:

Growing up I always thought Tom & Jerry cartoons had music that was completely bonkers. Here it is performed in all it’s wonderful insane glory.

A medley of composer Scott Bradley’s 1940s and 1950s compositions for Tom and Jerry cartoons,  performed live by the John Wilson Orchestra at the 2013 BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.