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This Saturday.

Pods of six.

Enough to mosh?

Only you can demonstrate.


They’ve changed the date.

Must be something going around.


Kill the Foo with FIRE.

From top: James Vincent McMorrow will play the Iveagh Gardens on June 10; standing concert pods at a recent UK festival

This morning

The Chief Executive of the National Concert Hall has said it is likely that concert-goers attending next week’s event at the Iveagh Gardens will be given antigen tests for Covid-19 before entry.

The outdoor event on 10 June, which will be headlined by James Vincent McMorrow, will be all-standing, with pods marked out to ensure social distancing.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Robert Read said he is honoured to be able to present this “extraordinary concert” and lead the cultural sector and connect audiences with artists again.


Concert goers may get Covid tests before NCH event (RTÉ)

The band at Wenatchee High School in Washington state, USA

Ah here.

Via The New York Post:

“You get kids back in the building. You can tell people are happy,” Principal Eric Anderson told WenatcheeWorld of the schoolhouse vibes since doors reopened on Jan. 26.

During rehearsal, happy campers in the band each zip into their personal tents, spaced 6 feet apart, along with their instruments. In an effort to avoid COVID-19 exposure, the ensemble practices in shifts per Wenatchee High’s new AM-PM hybrid schedule.

“We’re getting into that groove of what are we doing in-person and what are we asking kids to do as an extension of learning when they are not with us,” Anderson said of the remixed school day.

High school band uses individual tents to keep practicing during pandemic (New York Post)

Pic: World Photo

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone in the Dáil yesterday evening

Yesterday evening.

In the Dáil.

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone said Ireland would look at the Norwegian model of childcare for the phase reopening of childcare.

She added:

Our preliminary guidance is pointing towards preparations whereby childcare will operate in pods. As far as possible, this will entail small groups of children with the same childcare practitioner in the same room with the same toys every time they are there. We are exploring the number of children that could be cared for by a single adult childcare practitioner. They will play together and will be encouraged to stay together in their pods and use outdoor spaces as much as possible.”

She later told the Dáil that “the pods plan” was “based on advice given to us by the public health expert”. It is not something that I am saying, it is the public health expert saying that.

And on facemaks, she said:

“Our preliminary advice is that the wearing of face masks by children under six years of age is unlikely to contribute to improved infection control. It may be the case that children would not use them consistently without a degree of reinforcement or coercion. This would not be desirable.”

Related: Ireland will look at ‘Norwegian model’ for reopening childcare (The Irish Times)



Kinsale, County Cork

A number of streets are being considered for pedestrianisation and a novel street pod concept, which could see diners sitting outdoors in enclosed pods, is on the cards….

Kinsale seeks reboot with ‘bold decisions’  (Eoin English, The Irish Examiner)

Transcript: Oireachtas.ie

Bilingual broadcaster (and ‘sheet favourite) Laura Gaynor inspects the accommodation at Jacobs Inn, Dublin.

Ireland’s first pod hostel.

No overnight guests.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-10.49.04-1024x673 Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-11.04.46-1024x582 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4DwOKjz_9I&feature=youtu.be

A shelter pod placed outside the Central Bank on Dame Street, Dublin early this morning; what it says on the pod; and a video about living on the streets of the capital

Early this morning campaign group Gimme Shelter Ireland – which has no affiliation with any party or candidate – placed four shelter pods on streets across Dublin.

One was placed outside the Central Bank on Dame Street; one opposite the Dáil on Molesworth Street, next to the steps where Jonathan Corrie died in December 2014; one beside Busáras facing the Custom House; and one on O’Connell Street.

It’s understood the pod that was placed outside the Central Bank has already been removed.

The Gimme Shelter Team write:

“The pods are not a sustainable solution to Ireland’s homeless crisis. Sleeping in a cold plywood box is only marginally better than sleeping on the street. The desire to provide some semblance of shelter is born out of frustration and shame at the State’s efforts, or lack thereof, to robustly address the current housing emergency.”

“Those of us behind #gimmeshelterireland believe that each person sleeping rough on the streets of Ireland represents a failure of the State to protect people living in vulnerable situations. We believe that every family forced to seek refuge in inadequate emergency shelter is an affront to the well-being and dignity of all of the people of Ireland.”

“Ireland has ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Both recognise the right to adequate housing as essential to ensuring basic human dignity is afforded to all.

“#gimmeshelterireland is a call for the right to adequate housing to be enshrined in the Constitution of Ireland. This would represent a concrete commitment to ensuring that the lives of all people living in Ireland are underpinned by dignity and rights. We ask all candidates running in the 2016 General Election make this commitment.”

A petition calling on the next Taoiseach to enshrine a right to adequate housing in the constitution can be signed here

Gimme Shelter Ireland

Thanks Sean