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For the week that’s in it.

Celebrate Patty’s Day in controversial style.

America-based Broadsheet contributor JohnnyNYC has purchased ONE (yes, one) St Patrick’s Day 2019 ‘Make America Great Again’ hat – worth 50 greenbacks – to give away to a Broadsheet reader.

Wear it ironically. Wear it with pride. Use it as a prop in a fake hate crime.

The choice is yours.

The emerald green cap (to fit all head shapes and eseential for ‘flyaway’ hair) includes, at the rear, a four-leafed clover – the infamous sham shamrock – to further confuse passing liberals and Irish patriots alike.

To enter, please complete this rhyme:

Trumpsters wear red,

But my cap is green,



Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

Yesterday: Make Caps Great Again

Joe McKinney advertising Guinness in1994

On The Late Late Show

Sarah Whiteacre writes:

In an emotional interview with host Ryan Tubridy, Rod Stewart reflects on family, fame and fortune and discusses why Irish ballad Grace means so much to him.

In November 2015, Katie Healy and David Nolan survived a terror attack at the Bataclan…A month later David proposed, and the couple went on to welcome a beautiful daughter in to their lives. Last December, they received news that no parent wants to hear, and the couple join Ryan to discuss their daughter’s life changing diagnosis.

He brought us Irish Mammies, and now author Colm O’Regan is back with a new book…Colm joins Ryan to discuss what makes the Irish Mammy such a treasured part of our national identity…

We’ll also be taking a look back at some of Ireland’s most iconic ads, and catching up with actor Joe McKinney 25 years on from dancing in that Guinness ad.

Music will be from James Morrison

The Late Late Show, RTÉ One, Friday, March 15th at 9.35pm

Pic: YouTube

The guitar (top) and where it was discovered (above) in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2

Brian writes:

Hey you, forgetful guitarist! Why did you leave your acoustic guitar in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2 last Friday (March 8) between 3.50pm and 4.30pm?

Don’t worry. It’s being looked after (and has new strings on now).

Get in touch [ with the make and description and I’ll get it back to you…