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The Convention Centre, Dublin.

Thanks Alan Bracken


“I don’t wear a mask, no. The whole fucking thing is bollocks. You’re supposed to wear them in Selfridges but you can fucking go down to the pub and be surrounded by every fucking c**t. Oh well, actually, we don’t have the virus in the pubs, but we have it in Selfridges, oh alright.”

Noel Gallgher.

Over to you, Jedward, ‘Our Kid’, etc.

Noel Gallagher Refuses To Wear A Mask (Stereogum)

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“It’s Very Clear People Don’t Want This Conversation To Happen”


A comedian, eh?

Thom Southern – Shivers

Power pop, anyone?

Influenced by My Bloody Valentine and Beck, Belfast’s Thom Southern (top) recalls the heyday of 1990s indie rock with his debut single.

Thom says:

“Shivers is the concept of love feeling like a drug, a sensation of being outside one’s own body, floating and observing oneself from a different perspective. I wanted to embody this meaning within a dense sounding track, to mainly focus on one swollen guitar sound which never stops throughout and accompany that with repetitive beatnotic drums.”

Nick says: Southern comfort.

Thom Southern

This morning

This afternoon.


God Knows featuring Hazey Haze – Mup I Said

Hazey shade of autumn.

Limerick rapper God Knows returns with another single from his Who’s Asking? EP Vol. 2 with special guest Hazey Haze in tow.

God Knows says:

“Mup I Said (“come up, I said”) is a call to action. It’s an observation of how things change as time moves forward. Some of the people that I started this journey with have settled down and discovered new dreams, some have deferred them, some like myself and my peers are still on job. Mup means ‘it’s not over til it’s over’. Don’t give up on yourself. Come up.”

Nick says: Straight outta Limerick.

God Knows

It’s that time again, all you good good people.

After last week’s phenomenal set of entries, can you beat the record again for this Friday’s music competition?

So let battle commence.

This week I want to know what’s your favourite underrated/obscure gem from the Noughties (2000-2009)?

Reply below to be in with a chance of winning a distinguished €25 Golden Discs voucher.

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my computer repair consultant.

Nick says: Good luck!

Lines MUST close at 10.15pm SUNDAY 6am.

Please include video links if possible and it would be great if you could say WHY you like the song.

1970s underrated song winner here.
1980s  winner here
1990s winner here.

Golden Discs

Ráth Chairn (Rat Cairn) is a tiny Gaeltacht in County Meath established in 1935.

It comprises around 40 houses with descendants from an initial group of Irish speakers from Connemara who made the village their home.

Zoya Nic Eibhearáird writes:

But the Gaeltacht status of Ráth Chairn, as well as the native language and culture is now under threat.

Bord Pleanála has given planning permission for the development of a housing estate and a hotel, despite the locals, Meath County Council, Comharchumann Ráth Chairn and the Bord Pleanála inspector being against the development.

If a housing estate of such a size is built in this small village, there is a risk that it will be people who do not speak Irish on a daily basis and not Irish speaking families who buy the houses and move in, especially as no measures to ensure the preservation of the Irish Language have been sufficiently detailed.

If a large number of people who don’t speak Irish on a daily basis move to Ráth Chairn, irreparable damage could be done to the Irish Language in this region. A case is being prepared for the High Court and we are raising awareness.

Petition here

Forbairt tithíochta ag cur imní ar mhuintir Ráth Chairn (Meon Eile)