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The WHO’s World Health Assembly.

Geneva, Switzerland.


…via Lawyers for Justice

In response to a Parliamentary Question Number 397 raised by Roisin Shortall TD on 10th March 2022, the Minister for Health in Written Answer states that “Ireland supports the WHO led process to negotiate a binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response”.

The Irish People have not been asked to vote by Referendum on the question of whether they ‘support’ a ‘binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response’ under Article 19 (Treaty) or Article 21 (Regulation) of the WHO Constitution.

The Minister for Health and Official delegates (to date the delegates have not been published) to the WHA from the Department of Health (‘Official delegates’) should make clear to the INB that Ireland can only agree to an Article 23 (Recommendation) agreement in the absence of a People’s Referendum under Article 6 of the Irish Constitution.

The people must demand that the Minister for Health and Official delegates notify the INB by formal record, prior to its second meeting, that Ireland CANNOT agree to a WHO measure (i.e. a legally binding treaty) without holding a People’s Referendum.

Petition here

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Sive – Beira

Sive talking.

Kildare songstress Sive (aka Sadhbh O’Sullivan) takes us on a deep enchanted journey on her new album We Begin in Darkness, out now on Veta Records.

Sive writes:

“These 11 songs lean into themes of place, death, judgement, anxiety, mythology, and what it is to live in a human body. I hope they’ll carry you on an expedition through a cycle of inner seasons, casting light into all of the dark corners along the way.”

Sive is also the co-founder of Embrace Music, a collective of “musicians and arts in health specialists on a mission to share opportunities for embracing music, movement and other artforms.”

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Unhappy days.

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Pic by Gregory Dunne

Cormac O Caoimh – There Must Be A Catch

“The good days outnumber the bad.”

It’s always a good day when Cormac O Caoimh releases new material. The Corkonian’s first single since his widely acclaimed album Swim Crawl Walk Run in 2020 is a beautifully written and sung ode to being surprised by joy.

And the archive Chaplin video is the perfect visual match-up.

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Cormac O Caoimh