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Last week, with a voucher worth 25 big ones to spend at Golden Discs, I asked YOU to name your favourite song mentioning ghosts, demons, devils, witches, ghouls, monsters or, even, spirits.

You answered in your tens.

But there could be only one winner:

Third Place:

Killing Joke – On All Hallows Eve

Liam Deliverance writes:

A unusual track, it’s soft and upbeat verses and chorus, strong steady beat and soft/hard lead guitar sections. Instead of demons and ghosts rising from the dead to haunt the living world this song imagines these two worlds converging and a reunion of those lost souls who once filled our lives.

While listening it’s hard not to think of some of those souls, to be reminded of the small cracks they left in our hearts, that sting that has replaced their presence. The tempo of the track allows you to do that and it gives it a certain resonance.

Killing Joke formed in 1978 in Notting Hill, London. Their initial style was industrial rock and they played a part in influencing such bands as Metallica, Nirvana and the Nine Inch Nails.

As the years passed their style softened and they brought some electronic elements into their songs. They have produced 19 albums, On All Hallows Eve is taken from their 2012 album, MMXII


The Pogues – Lullaby of London.

Niall writes:

May the ghosts that howl round the house at night never keep you from your sleep,/may they all sleep tight down in hell tonight or wherever they may be…’

This song gets me every time, I love how it encapsulates the loneliness and solitude of separation and distance. Yet another example of why Shane MacGowan is a national treasure.


Cathie Ryan – Cailin Deas Cruite Ba mBo 

Kingfisher writes:

An English language version of Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó with suitably creepy landscapes…

Thanks all.

Last week: Win Nick’s Voucher

Golden Discs

Brave Giant Wizards And Witches

Tis the season after all.

Longford quartet Brave Giant conclude their nationwide tour with a prestigious headline show in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on Saturday night.

The band’s debut album White Pink + Blue reached No. 1 in the Irish charts and they clocked up over three million streams on Spotify.

The video for the catchy single Wizards And Witches (above) was directed by Eva Wyse.

Nick says: Size matters.

Brave Giant


A waking dream.

This inbetween state is the inspiration behind the new album by Choice Prize winner Richard Egan aka Jape (top).

Released on Faction Records on November 17, the record’s title track has been uploaded on YouTube accompanied by a thoughtful lyric video (above) that highlights just how the Redneck Manifesto bassist has taken his songwriting to another level.

The profundity of the words is complemented by hazy musical textures that transport you to some netherworld.

Nick says: Egan better than the real thing.


This Day in Irish History

This day 73 years ago – 5 November 1946 – the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) began its Rural Electrification Scheme to bring electricity to remote parts of Ireland.

It became known as “the Quiet Revolution.” The first electricity pole was erected at Kilsallaghan in County. Dublin…

Uncanny, in fairness.

ESB Group


Elaine MaiHeartbeat

Good times never seemed so good.

Irish indie-tronica artist Elaine Mai returns with a new single that celebrates her nuptials in a truly innovative way.

This is how she explains it in her own words.

“I wrote ‘Heartbeat’ for my wife Roisín after we got married in the summer of 2018. It was three years after Ireland voted to legalise same-sex marriage and it felt amazing to celebrate with our friends and family after canvassing for a ‘yes’ vote together.

“One of my friends recorded our wedding video so I was able to take some of the ambient noise from our wedding day and layer it into the track. I wanted to write a song that captured how I feel about her and to remember that time in our lives.”

The quirky video animation is by Bronagh Lee.

Elaine plays the Bello Bar, Dublin, on December 12.

Nick says: Aorta be a big hit.

Elaine Mai

Bitch FalconDamp Breath

Welcome to the hard rock of ages.

Dublin power trio Bitch Falcon turn the amps to 11 for this pneumatic blast of head-shaking metal.

Afghaniscan directed the video of Lizzie, Barry and Nigel at play in the studio.

Singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick explains the message in the song:

“Damp Breath is a story that deals with someone being managed by a person of authority who is potentially seedy in their intentions….

“Would things be easier if they embrace their sexuality and use it their advantage or would behaving in that way quickly create dread, anxiety, self-loathing and a complete abandonment of feminist values which ultimately would results in overwhelming guilt.”

Nick says: A Falcon for this millennium.

Bitch Falcon

We are here to help the Halloween party.

Yes, with all manner of scary shenanigans taking place this weekend, we have a spine-tingling €25 Golden Discs voucher to give away.

To enter, simply tell us below what your favourite song mentioning ghosts, demons, devils, witches, ghouls, monsters or spirits is.

Here’s mine.

Lines MUST close at 3pm EXTENDED until 6.06pm 6am Saturday!

(include video link where possible)

Nick says: Good luck!

Golden Discs

GlimmermenIt’s Nice

Chart-rigging in the Irish music industry?

Shurely some mishtake?

That’s the devious plot hatched by Dublin band Glimmermen in their new video which sees them transported back to the good old days when showbands stalked the ballrooms of Eireann.

Shot by Trevor Murphy, it’s a humorous and nostalgic take on a bygone era.

The album Here I Stand is released next week on vinyl and it contains a digital download code.

Glimmermen are Gav Cowley (guitar and vocals); J Basseti (bass); Phil Murray (drums); Dave Prendergast (trumpet); and Orlaith Gilcreest (sax and vocals).

They launch the album on Thursday at The Bello Bar, Dublin 6 and on Saturday at Tower Records, Dublin at 1pm.

Nick says: Naughty but Nice.


Tandem Felix – Oil Money

If you are partial to smart indie bands that breathe the same air as Beck and Pavement, then you will want to hear the new single by Tandem Felix.

The Dublin hopefuls’ current line-up comprises David Tapley (top, vocals, guitar), Conor Muldowney (guitar), Evan Keogh (bass), Ena Brennan (violin) and Neil Dexter (drums).

The band name comes from the Latin epitaph on scientist Marie Ampère’s gravestone, which translates as “happy at last”.

Spot the Trinity student!

The smart-as-you-like video was directed by Ror Conaty.

You can catch them live next month.

Nick says: That petrol devotion.

Tandem Felix