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Trover Saves The Universe – an upcoming VR game created by Justin (Rick and Morty) Roiland (you’ll recognise the voice characterisation and NSFW language) in which you and some dude called Trover attempt to rescue your dogs and save the Universe.


Behold: the Acer Predator Thronos – a reclining gaming cockpit with a footrest, a desk for keyboard and mouse and a huge motorised arm that can accommodate three 27” monitors for panoramic viewing.

No price announced as yet.

Also, no big-drink cupholder.

I know, right?

Worst. Marathon gaming chair. Ever.


MetaBall Studios’ 360º, pan-enabled identity parade of video game robots (not all of them, you understand, just some of them) complete with their relative dimensions.

Click and hold to move.

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Pinball – not the chaotic, button-mashing dingfest many assume it to be.

Rather – as this Vox mini-doc explains – a game of strategy where true players see patterns amid the noise and flashing lights.


A voice controlled game by Nicole He in which you speak commands into your computer to zoom, enhance and pan around a crime scene.

Yes, just like in the movies.

Lose yourself here.


Sean, Sterling and friends from YouTube gaming channel Videogamedunkey test out Stick Fight – a barely controllable, 80-level, physics-based, flail ‘n’ fire, snake-heavy brawler for up to four players.

NSFW for spirited language in the heat of combat.


Built using Adobe After Effects and inspired by 1980s vector games Battlezone and Star Wars, Stu Maschowitz’s short features a team of pilots who must take on a weapon of mass destruction to save their world.

And here’s how he made it.