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This morning.

The Irish Times reports:

First-time buyers need to be earning nearly €100,000 a year to secure a mortgage for a new home in Dublin, a report by KBC Bank has indicated.

“The study found that the price of new homes purchased by first-time buyers has “virtually doubled” from about €200,000 to €380,000 since 2012. This has eroded affordability for first-time buyers, it said.

“A first-time buyer or a dual-income first-buyer household availing of a 90 per cent loan-to-mortgage would typically need an income of €98,000 to qualify, the report noted.”

First-time buyers need incomes of €100,000 to buy new homes in Dublin (Eoin Burke-Kennedy, The Irish Times)




“Galway City Council is to consider providing €10,000 to local animal rescue charity MADRA (Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption) in a bid to reduce the number of dogs being euthanised at Galway City’s pound.”

“The Camus-based charity, which rescues approximately 800 dogs a year, already works with the pounds in County Galway and County Mayo to rehome dogs that may otherwise be put down… Supporting the proposal at Monday’s meeting, city councillors spoke about their own dogs, with a number also raising serious concerns about under-resourcing at the pound, which is served by just one warden.”


Also: Yay!

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