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50 computers.

Two coders.

But how much RAM, anyone?


Forty six years ago.

The National Archives of Ireland tweetz:

An official programme of the visit of President Richard Nixon to Ireland this week in 1970.




To which, Kate Horgan responds:

…and here’s a protester throwing eggs at Nixon in Dublin…

Name that street, anyone?


“I was down on the quays. My friend and myself split half a dozen eggs between us. I wouldn’t let Martin stay with me because I felt that the guards might recognise me and if they pulled me in, they’d pull him in too.

“I disguised myself, I made like an American tourist. I had dark glasses, a headscarf and a trench coat, none of which I ever wore normally. We had heard that the secret service had thrown themselves about so much that the guards had said ‘Stuff this, let them look after their own president’ type of thing.

“I knew I wouldn’t get Nixon because I have no aim so I decided to aim for the windscreen. I did an overarm lob and I got it dead centre on the windscreen. I was so proud of myself. Then I was grabbed by the guard and hauled across the bridge with a clatter of an old woman saying ‘throw her in the river, throw her in the river,’” she remembers.

Conall O Fátharta, in the Irish Examiner, in October 2010 reporteing on a new RTE documentary concerning Nixon’s visit to Ireland called The Forgotten Visit.

Nixon’s ‘forgotten visit’ to be recalled in documentary (Irish Examiner, October 2, 2010)