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Warning on 4Chan (above) and the damaged window of Panti Bar (top) after a brick duct taped with the Irish words for ‘Fairies Out Of Ireland’ was thrown through it last Friday

Further to last Friday’s brick-throwing at Panti Bar, on Capel Street, Dublin 1…

The pride-less lout provided real-time commentary on 4Chan.

Aaron Rogan and Ellen Coyne, of The Times Ireland edition, report:

An analysis of the 4chan website by Storyful…found that a person appeared to have been updating other users of the incident before it happened.

….Another poster posed the possibility of getting caught, to which the first poster replied: “Gardaí are about so that’s a possibility but I’m on a bike and can outspeed the ones on foot plus bouncers”.

At 11.03pm they wrote: “Fag herd at door has thinned taking my chance.” They told other posters to look for them in the papers. One replied “hope you end up in prison” and another said “god speed”.

Anonymous posts linked to brick attack on gay bar (Aaron Rogan and Ellen Coyne, Times Ireland edition)

4Chan Thread

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Pics: Ultan Mashup and Panti Bliss


All better.

Panti Bar yesterday.

Thanks Ultan Mashup

The founder of the notorious 4chan website Christopher “Moot” Poole has just launched his much-hyped new startup Canv.as.

They’re calling it ‘4chan for grown ups’. 4chan has other names for it.

Canv.as, which has raised $3.6 million in venture funding, is an unprecedented attempt to monetize the meme-making process 4chan perfected over seven years of troublemaking. Like 4chan, the site is based on users uploading and remixing funny pictures and .gifs. But Canv.as is supposed to be a clean, well-lighted place for memes —its three rules are “keep it safe for work,” “Don’t be mean,” and “Stay on topic.” It’s the polar opposite of 4chan’s meandering, porn-infested boards.

4channers Hate 4chan Founder’s New Website (Gawker)

The wild internet message board 4chan, known for originating almost all memes and spawning the hacker/activist collective Anonymous, is plotting a prank on some unfortunately lonely fellows using OkCupid. The point, if you could call it that, is to create an flashmob, in which a large group of people flashily take over a public space, but involuntarily by making a bunch of fake online dating profiles and agreeing to meet men at a specified moment in Times Square.

By May 13th, any FA who hasn’t already heard about this probably deserves their moment of horrible fame.

Come the day, trolls everywhere will be glued to camera 2.

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