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The first official trailer for Mary Queen of Scots.

Starring Saoirse Ronan as the eponymous monarch with Margot Robbie as her cousin and rival, the Bloody Big Head Queen Elizabeth I.

In Irish cinemas on January 18.

Just give her the Oscar, for pity’s sake.

Thanks Maeve Scully


All the noms in ONE place..

Ronan Kealy writes:

I’m a bit of movie buff and enjoy doing some video editing now and again on the side. I have just created an Oscar montage of all the movies nominated in all of the categories (except Docs/Foreign and Short Film – I was under time constraints ) for this year’s awards. I just thought it would be something fun and relevant. It ends with the titles of each of the Best Picture Nominees ( 9 in total)….

In fairness.

Zjawa1 Creed Dziewczyna-z-portretu Mad-Max Most-szpiegow1 Pokoj

Posters for some of the Academy Awards’ best film nominees recreated with appropriate stills from Disney’s Winnie the Pooh.

Because Pooh.

More here.


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Following the announcement of nominees for Best Film at the upcoming 88th Academy Awards, wags at The Shiznit have released their annual poster tweakfest.

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