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Philosopher, author and brain box Alain De Botton (his words illustrated by animator Yan Dan Wong) explores how most of us exhibit at least one primary trait of addiction in order to distract from addressing our emotions, hopes and fears.

The pills are kicking in. One last pint after this fag and we’re off to buy a new telly.


Homelessness and addiction in Dublin.

Tom Sheppard writes:

I work for Merchants Quay Ireland, the homeless and addiction charity. As everyone knows, there’s a major housing and homeless crisis going on.

What is less discussed is how homelessness is drawing people into addiction and often keeping them there.

We’ve produced this short film (above) to try and deepen people’s understanding of these issues.

It’s the first time we’ve allowed cameras into our services like this, and we did it because we think it’s an important story to tell.

Merchants Quay