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Minister for Justice Helen McEntee was met by celebrating activists this morning as she arrived at government buildings

This afternoon.

Government Buildings.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has outlined a government scheme to regularise thousands of undocumented migrants who are living in Ireland.

Via RTÊ News:

Applicants must have a period of four-years undocumented residence in the State, or three years in the case of those with children.

Successful applicants will receive immigration permission, access to the labour market and will be able to begin a path to citizenship.

The six-month window aims to enable people to come forward and regularise their status, according to the Department of Justice.

The Department said studies suggest there could be up to 17,000 undocumented persons, including up to 3,000 children, and that many could be in employment, although likely low paid.

Due to the lack of reliable data it says that it is difficult to say how many will be eligible.

So, is this the end of Direct Provision, anyone?

Government scheme to regularise thousands of undocumented migrants (RTÉ)



The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI) and Amnesty International Ireland will host an online event to mark government’s White Paper that committed the State to ending Direct Provision by 2024.

The 21 Years Too Late Show‘ consists of musical guests Damien Dempsey and Susan Quirke, and poets Matidanasi Beja and Sarah Clancy.

It will be co-hosted by Colm O’Gorman and Lucky Khambule, and will include an interview with Minister Roderic O’Gorman; panel discussions with Blindboy BoatClub and Father Peter McVerry on the ‘false narratives’ surrounding DP and the need for compassion and solidarity; and Owodunni Ola Mustapha, founder of the Ballyhaunis Inclusion Project, in conversation with Senators Eileen Flynn and Lynn Ruane on what it means to be marginalised within Irish society.

Lucky, a Coordinator for MASI, says:

“It has been 21 years too late for the government to introduce common and legally binding standards for Direct Provision centres; independent and unannounced inspections; and vulnerability assessments for asylum seekers.

“In the 21 years of Direct Provision, numerous reports have been issued by domestic and international human rights bodies calling for change and successive Irish governments ignored them. Now is the time to act and end the cruelty that is Direct Provision. Waiting for December 2024 before changing the material reality of all asylum seekers is just as cruel.”


Register for free ticket here

‘…Now, unfortunately, we see a rise in discriminatory organisations and vocal transgender exclusionary activists using Twitter and divisive antics to attempt to a drive a wedge in queer communities between transgender people and fracture our support from feminists.

For our decades of solidarity, some seek to repay our community with a call for division based on falsities and bigotry. Let us say unequivocally that the statements of newly launched organisations that seek to defend biology or fight gender identity and expression do not represent the wider LGBTI+ community nor feminists in Ireland.

More importantly, they are not organisations at all, they have no governance, no accountability, and are simply Twitter accounts. Further, they are not supported by the wider Irish community. Ireland has dealt with these pseudo-feminists before, and the work of Feminist Ire dealt swiftly with their attacks by stating “Trans women are our sisters; their struggles are ours, our struggles theirs.They were our sisters before any state-issued certification said so and will always be no matter what any legislation says, either now or in the future.”

In addressing these accounts it is simple enough to refute them by stating they are not radical, they are not inclusive, and they are not feminists. They are simply misinformed and transphobic.

The vitriol and disinformation these accounts and people share does not represent the beliefs of the legitimate organisations and signers of this letter, and together we repudiate their beliefs, and call for an end in giving airtime to their despicable brand of harassment.

In Ireland we exist as a strong coalition of intersectional solidarity. As LGBTI+ and feminist organisations we stand together, we march together, we advocate together. We will not allow transphobia to grow and our history of work together will only continue to propel us to a more equal future for all marginalised people.

We call on media, and politicians to no longer provide legitimate representation for those that share bigoted beliefs, that are aligned with far right ideologies and seek nothing but harm and division. These fringe internet accounts stand against affirmative medical care of transgender people, and they stand against the right to self-identification of transgender people in this country.

In summation they stand against trans, women’s and gay rights by aligning themselves with far right tropes and stances. They have attacked LGBT+ education in school, attacked anti-bullying campaigns, and attack access to medical services. They stand to remove equality, and cause a legacy of damaging discrimination. In particular, the road to Gender Recognition was long and public, and we in the trans community are thankful for the support of the many who stood by our side. We are thankful to the wider gay, lesbian and bisexual communities that marched and worked alongside of us for legal recognition. We are thankful for the feminists that saw, and still see, trans women as their sisters and use their voice to speak for equality…

Portion of an open letter to mark Trans Day of Remembrance 2020 last Friday, signed by Amnesty Ireland and members of Ireland’s LGBTQ+ community.

Irish LGBTQ+ community stand in #IrishSolidariT against transphobia on Trans Day of Remembrance (GCN)


Amnesty founder Seán McBride;l Amnesty Ireland chief Colm O’Gorman

Seán McBride?


This morning.

Via Amnesty Internation Ireland:

In EA’s FIFA 2021 updated game, the best-selling football jersey from Irish club Bohemian FC has gone global, in partnership with Amnesty International.

The away-game jersey features the iconic image of a family fleeing, with the words ‘Refugees Welcome’. It also features the famous ‘Love Football, Hate Racism’ slogan. Amnesty International Ireland launched its partnership with Bohemian FC in early 2020.

Name those players, above.

Bohemian FC

From left: James Monaghan , Martin McCauley and Niall Connolly after their arrest in Colombia in 2001


Bogota, Colombia.

Via Colombia Reports:

Colombia’s war crimes tribunal has granted amnesty to three former IRA members who had been sentenced to prison for assisting the now-defunct FARC rebel group in bomb-making.

Irishmen Martin John McCauley, Niall Terrence Connolly and Seamus O‘Muineachain received amnesty after the court ruled that — even though they weren’t members of the FARC — their crimes were directly related to the armed conflict.

The former IRA members were arrested in 2001 and sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2004 on fraud charges. By then, they had already fled to Ireland, the Prosecutor General’s Office announced.

Theywere the last remaining foreigners with pending prison sentences for crimes related to Colombia’s armed conflict after a 2016 peace deal between the FARC and former President Juan Manuel Santos allowed the release of dozens of foreign members of the former guerrilla group.

Colombia grants amnesty to former IRA members as part of peace process (Colombia Reports)


Last night.

At Mexican grocer and cookery school Picado on South Richmond Street, Dublin 2.

The Irish Food Dude tweetz:

Great idea by Picado auctioning Trump Piñata for charity [Amnesty Ireland]. Give him a bash there!

*Details of auction are being finalised.

Meanwhile, it’s catching…

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This afternoon.

Spotted in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Thanks Kevin


This afternoon.

Trinity College Dublin Seanad candidate Lynn Ruane and Amnesty Ireland’s Colm O’Gorman outside Government Buildings on Merrion Street Upper, Dublin, calling for a repeal of the 8th amendment.

Amnesty will be holding a lunchtime protest outside Government Buildings every day for the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, yesterday…

Pic: Colm O’Gorman