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Up to 120 BMW cars stolen in a sophisticated cross-border key cloning racket were to be broken up and shipped to Latvia, the High Court in Belfast has heard. An eastern European crime gang is suspected to be behind the theft of the cars from Dublin. They then moved them to garages in Northern Ireland, prosecutors said.

A prosecuting lawyer said two co-accused are believed to have travelled from England to help transport the cars. “Police believe this gang are operating in different jurisdictions,” the lawyer said. “Approximately 120 BMWs were stolen from the greater Dublin area since September 2013.” The lawyer said: “Since the arrests, there have been no reported thefts of BMWs in the Dublin area. Prior to this, they were almost on a nightly basis.”

120 BMW cars ‘stolen to be broken up and sent to Latvia’ (BBC News)

File Pic: James Horan/Photocall Ireland

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Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este is an annual  motoring extravaganza showcasing some of the rarest coach-built one-off vehicles in the world.

At this year’s event, BMW unveiled the ‘MINI Superleggera vision’ – a sleek, rear-finned, Union fleg tail-lighted, hybrid German-Italian electric roadster – in collaboration with ultra stylish Milanese coachbuilders Touring Superleggera.

MORE: MINI superleggera vision is an italian coach-built electric roadster (designboom)


Dan writes:

I live on Observatory Lane, Rathmines. [On Wednesday] at 1.50 in the afternoon a bald man driving a silver saloon Mercedes reversed into my vintage BMW and drove away.

I heard the crash and went to the window and saw the man examining my bonnet and his broken right rear tail light. I raced downstairs but by the time I’d unlocked the front door the man had scarpered.

There can’t be too many bald men driving silver saloon Mercedes with a broken right rear tail light in Dublin! I’m hoping that someone who reads broadsheet knows this guy and encourages him to do the right thing.

I’m not a materialistic person but my vintage BMW is my pride and joy. The fact that I’m home at 2 in the afternoon is a clue that funds aren’t free flowing at the moment. And that I’ve to put my hand in my pocket to rectify this man’s mistake is unjust.

It’s not only the money, I guess when you see someone reverse into your car and just drive off, it’s one more droplet that slightly erodes your view of the goodness in people, sense of community and togetherness etc.

I’m writing this on the off chance that someone who reads this knows the driver and plays to his better conscience.

I write more in therapeutic hope than expectation but you never know!



A 518d Luxury. with the internetz

Dave, who works with Completecar.ie adds:

 It’s better than I had expected. Only lacks power at the top end, noise suppression is excellent.


Yes, yes.

But what about the car?