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Carlosfandango writes:

In their wisdom and in the absence of new programming, RTÉ has added some new shorts on the iPlayer. This is one I was delighted to be associated with (nearly ten years ago) in a previous life, and previous world!

Look out for the great crowd dancing scene at the end. Practiced in the loading area of the ilac centre and shot early on a beautiful summers morning (on a Sunday). Everyone learned the steps at home from a video we uploaded on YouTube. It was pretty special to see hundreds of strangers dancing in sequence.

New Irish Shorts (RTÉ)

Previously: Moore Street Mumbai Style

Ek Tha Tiger, shot on location in Dublin during last year’s presidential election, looks like becoming the biggest Bollywood hit of all time after breaking a string of box office records in India over the weekend.

Which can only mean one thing.

A sequel!

If history is anything to go by, the Irish can expect a flood of Indian tourists in the coming months and years – the production company, Yash Raj Films, has a reputation for drawing Indians to foreign destinations.

One of the hallmarks of a Yash Raj film has long been an on-location song-and-dance number in Switzerland, which began taking over for Kashmir’s Himalayas once the region became unstable in the 1960s.

Since then, a trip to Switzerland has become a status symbol among upper-middle-class Indians, and is often the first destination of those wishing to travel abroad for the first time (as opposed to visiting family) – so much so that travel agencies offer Bollywood tours that take visitors to the sites of famous scenes.

…[And] the Irish claim the already have another Bollywood-related announcement to make, though [Huzan Fraser, India representative for Tourism Ireland] couldn’t say what just yet. A country hard-up for cash could do worse than a song-and-dance routine to attract foreign money.

The Irish Look For The Luck Of The Indians…in Bollywood (Neil Munishi, FT.com)

For decades, the Indian film industry has excelled at squeezing every last rupee out of a production budget, making spectacular movies at a fraction of the cost of its western counterparts. But what if Bollywood producers had Hollywood budgets?

Behold: Endhiran (The Robot).

At $43 million, it’s by far the most expensive Indian film ever made. To say they went to town on the stunts and special effects is putting it mildly. And yes, there are musical dance numbers.