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Y.4.2 aka Delta Plus reportedly contains mutations ‘that might give the virus survival advantages’

This afternoon.

It’s having kids.

Via i Paper:

The new offshoot of Delta, AY.4.2, has been upgraded to a “variant under investigation” by the UK Health Security Agency.

The so-called “child of Delta”, which is a sublineage of the variant, has become increasingly common in the UK and accounts for more than 6 per cent of new cases, with 15,120 confirmed infections so far.

Officials said the variant, given the official name VUI-21OCT-01, may have increased growth rate compared to the original Delta variant. Some scientists believe it is up to 15 per cent more infectious than Delta, but this has not been confirmed.

Covid: New ‘Child of Delta’ strain upgraded to ‘variant under investigation’ as UK cases rise (iPaper)

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Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan; ‘Worry Index’

This morning.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said new research shows that people are feeling less worried about Covid-19 and warned this may cause them to drop their guard.


It follows the reporting of an additional 252 cases of the disease but no further coronavirus-related deaths.

Dr Tony Holohan said the latest study by Amárach showed that the worry level has reduced and is now similar to levels last seen in July.

A third of those surveyed said they thought the worst is yet to come but 28% believed the worst was behind us – which the National Public Health Emergency Team considers “significant” he told a media briefing.

Dr Holohan said: “It’s not that we want people to be worried but we do think there is a correlation between people’s level of concern and ultimately the behaviours that people exhibit.

“It can lead us to drop our guard from time to time in ways that we may not intend to.”


Holohan asks people not to drop their guard as 252 new Covid cases confirmed (RTÉ)


What’s wrong with them?

Have they stopped listening to Tubs?

We may never know.

This afternoon.

Non-cowardly but reckless and infuriatingly panic-free ‘young people’ in Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 and Dublin city centre.

Earlier, at the Oireachtas Special Covid-19 Committee meeting,..

…Professor Kirtsin Schaffer of the Irish Society For Clinical Microbiology, warned…

…that society is starting to verge into two directions and we have to try to bring society together again.

She said for young people the virus is an abstract term and they feel deprived of their social interactions.

We must change our approach and become more open and transparent because, she said, the younger generations have had enough.

On the other hand the elderly and the vulnerable are terrified, she said.

Don’t know they’re born.

Warning that Ireland at start of second wave (RTÉ)


Only accept this fact and you will be set free. The School Of Life sez:

We’re often  held back by a crippling fear that we can’t possibly do certain things because other people will judge us. But for those of us hemmed in by self-consciousness of this kind, there is very good news on the horizon. Amazingly, partly depressingly and partly redemptively, in reality, no one much cares…