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013-1024x768 051-1024x768052-768x1024038-1024x768 032-1024x768035-1024x768 033-1024x768 027-1024x768 026-1024x768 018-768x1024From an atmospheric photo-series on The Big Note:

Glencree German Military Cemetery is situated in the Wicklow Mountains National Park south of Dublin.  There are 127 Second World War burials here, many of whom were either Luftwaffe personnel whose aircraft got lost in bad weather, or sustained damage on raids over England and were unable to find their way home, or perhaps ran out of fuel due to navigational errors and crashed in Ireland, or Kriegsmarine personnel who lost their lives at sea and whose bodies were washed up on Irish shores.  53 of these men are identified, but 28 are sadly unknown.

Hat tip to Luciano who sez:

Did you know? I didn’t know.

We didn’t know.

German Military Cemetery, Glencree (The Big Note)