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2011-11-08 11-06-31 ATLAS modelthumb640x3602011-11-08 11-17-31 ATLAS model 2011-11-10 10-47-32 ATLAS modelActually, it’s a 9,500 brick model of the ATLAS particle physics experiment at the LHC in CERN built by scientist Sascha Mehlhase. We’ve mentioned it before.

But you knew that.

If the 10,000+ upvoters at the LEGO beta-bulding site cuusoo have their way, it may yet make it into the official LEGO range.

More details and pix here.


If the Christmas day movie on TV doesn’t catch your fancy, why not try this Zombie film made by PhD students in the basements of the Large Hadron Collider in Cern?

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more traditional post-Christmas dinner film, you could watch the mash up of the 22 Bond films we featured back in November.


HISTORY WILL be made this morning on the French/Swiss border, as most of us are munching cornflakes or struggling to work through the rush hour. Scientists at Cern, the European centre for nuclear research, are expected to announce the discovery of the Higgs boson – what people can’t resist calling the “God particle”.

And while its announcement won’t stop the cornflakes going soggy or make the traffic go faster, the final discovery of Higgs will rank as one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time.

News of the discovery was reportedly ‘leaked’ yesterday in a video from CERN, which turned out to be one of several pre-prepared announcements, depending on the official outcome.

World waits for revelation of ‘God particle’ by Cern today (Irish Times)



The boffins at CERN are being ‘very cautious’ about all this, but it appears they’ve observed a subatomic particle traveling faster than the speed of light.

Faster than the speed of light.

‘Einstein, come up here to the front of the class where I can keep an eye on you, you fool,’ intoned Mr Neutrino.

Headline © Stephen Wright

Speed-of-light experiments give baffling result at Cern (BBC News)

Neutrino experiment sees them apparently moving faster than light (Ars Technica)