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For the last few years, NASA physicist Harold White and his team have been working on the design for a faster than light speed spaceship. A recent collaboration with artist Mark Rademaker has yielded the visuals for an updated model, a ship nestled at the center of two enormous rings, which create the ‘warp bubble’.

White discusses the concept and the ship in the above video (starting at around 42:00 if you want to cut straight to the chase)

Naturally, it’s called Enterprise.



The boffins at CERN are being ‘very cautious’ about all this, but it appears they’ve observed a subatomic particle traveling faster than the speed of light.

Faster than the speed of light.

‘Einstein, come up here to the front of the class where I can keep an eye on you, you fool,’ intoned Mr Neutrino.

Headline © Stephen Wright

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