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Too early for an Xmas cocktail?

Dave Quinn (not him, another one), of The People of Croke Park fame, writes:

For my day job I work in advertising with the creative agency Bloom. This year to celebrate the festive season we decided to commission our own cocktail.

We call it Yule Bloom (Geddit). Anyway we would like to share it with the readers of Broadsheet. In case they were looking for a break from all that Prosecco and sherry.
And wanted something different.




In Carmel, California.

Joe Langlan writes:

Walked into a nice bar (an Irish bar called Brophy’s) in a nice town in California (Carmel) just now, read the cocktail list and my jaw literally dropped open.

I suppose we can have Al Qaeda cocktails in American bars at home so..

Would blow the head off you in fairness.