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Behold: the ethereal hypercollages of Canadian artist Ysabel LaMay – each composed of hundreds of merged photographs weaving fragments of plants, animals, and elements into “panoramas of natural splendour”.


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UK-based artist Jane Perkins recreates classical artworks and photo portraits using thousands of found objects from LEGO bricks to buttons, beads, shells and plastic toys.

All components retain their original colour and are carefully chosen to match the palette of the work or photo.

The art is in their meticulous placement.



Collage artist Mark Wagner sets to work on the US dollar bill. Sez he:

Anarchists are certain that I’m an anarchist because I cut up a favorite tool of the oppressor. Capitalists think I am a capitalist because I revel in it.

Money Is Material (the Avant Garde Diaries)


Details from Sleepless Wonderland by Shanghai artist Yang Yongliang, whose massive photographic collages look like traditional Chinese landscape paintings from a distance but, viewed close up, reveal dystopias of industrialisation and urban sprawl.

MORE: excepts from three new collections of Yongliang’s work at Galerie Paris-Beijing, where an exhibition opens next month.