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A one-sixth scale Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armour action figure from Threexzero, standing 36.8cm tall and complete with light-up helmet, swappable head, detachable armour plates, Assaultron blade and 40 points of articulation.

Yours for about €335 (+P&P).

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PD1359951434p8tPD135995144110WstarkPD13591021193C8PD1359112517l4tFrom hyper-realistic Kowloon-based collectible vendors Hot Toys – the Power Pose Mark XLII (here, watch where you’re putting that pole) and Tony Stark Figurines from Iron Man 3.

Both multi-articulating with interchangeable parts, accessories and light-up features.

$160 and $270 respectively (click through for full specs).

If you’re feeling especially stars ‘n’ stripey, there’s also the Iron Patriot bust.

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Slideshow Collectibles sculptor and illustrator Trevor Grove’s modified Hot Toys figurines, repurposed, hand-painted by friends and re-equipped as three incarnations of Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

You can’t buy these. True fan that he is, the artist gave all three figurines to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan.

Many more views here.


An insanely ultra-realistic 1/16th scale TDKR Batman/Christian Bale figurine from Hot Toys.

Interchangeable heads/chins, hands and weapons, 32 points of articulation and a pre-order price of $240. Available later this year.

It’ll go nicely with the Heath Ledger/Joker figurine you’ve already bought from these people.