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Ireland v U.A.E Live Blog (Guardian)


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Mark writes:

Dublin’s Merrion Cricket Club [Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Co Dublin] unveiled its state of the art modern club house at the weekend. Player participation in Irish Cricket has grown by almost 100 percent in the last ten years, making it the fastest growing sport in Ireland,. After four years of fundraising up to a million Euro, the bright, modern, flood protected new clubhouse is now open for business.”


*puts on ‘Cricket box’ briefs*

From top: (l-r) Sean Stanton, Richard Bisgood and J.J. Walsh: as pic 1; Richard Bisgood; Sean Hussey; Elena Tice and Brett Thompson.

Merrion Cricket Club

(Mark Stedman/Photocall ireland)


A fascinating mini-doc by the Grantland Channel exploring how, for the last 18 years, the Compton Cricket Club (aka ‘Homies and the Popz’) has changed lives in Compton, California.

The CCC was founded in 1995 to:

…curb the negative effects of gang activities amongst the youth of Compton, address homelessness in the inner city through the principles and ethics of cricket and encourage and promote civility, good and productive citizenship.


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Trinity College, Dublin, today.

Simon Corcoran writes;

Just a quick note to let you know that the newly formed interprovincial cricket 3 day competition started today in College Park.
Leinster Lightning will be playing the North West Warriors over the next 3 days, in a First Class cricket format encounter (Two innings per team).
This is the first step towards Ireland applying for Test Cricket status and features some of the country’s best players. (Ireland Vs England hero Kevin O’Brien is playing for Leinster).
Just thought it may be nice for people to stroll down to Trinity during their lunch – it’s a lovely day for it.



At the YMCA Cricket Club in Sandymount Dublin.

Ger Siggins, on the Cricket Europe Leinster website, reports:

“Weedkiller was poured all over the playing area at the YMCA club in Sandymount on Wednesday night…All eight pitches were damaged as the vandals zigzagged the weedkiller over the square.”


YMCA square vandalised (Cricket Europe Leinster)

Pics: James Fitzgerald and Cricket Ireland