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malka-architecture-akamp47-designboom-02 malka-architecture-akamp47-designboom-09 malka-architecture-akamp47-designboom-04 malka-architecture-akamp47-designboom-03A-Kamp47 is a collection of vertical shelters on the facade of a railway viaduct in Marseille designed by architect Stéphane Malka.

The 23 units, based on the design of pop-up tents, are strengthened by elastic mesh and contain isothermal blankets. The aim is to offer warmth and safety, refuge from vandalism (and police raids) as well as a sense of ambiguity regarding the difference between public and private space in a city where homelessness (and the increasing occupation of building entrances and other public space by the homeless) is on the rise.


Shoe-Tent-01-685x514tent tent2Shoe-Tent-09-685x514 Shoe-Tent-10-685x514The tent-spawning Walking Shelter: designed by Sibling, a collective of Melbourne architects, what sez:

The Walking-Shelter is a human shelter stored within a pair of sneakers. Stored compactly in integrated net pockets within the shoe, the shelter expands out and around the body to form an enclosure that relies on the human frame as a supporting structure. The shelter accommodates for the body in a variety of ways and can be customised by the user to adapt to a variety of contexts and environments.

We feel we’re being sold a pup tent here.

We’ll take three.


The Privacy Pop bed tent $200:

Privacy Pop is the new product that has changed the way that kids and teenagers, college students, and anyone that has to share a room lives. The unique design of this exclusive bed tent gives users unprecedented privacy, even when they share a room with one or more people.

Of course you know what this thing will be used for.

That’s right.

Reading the Beano at night with a torch.