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Last night.

A baby is held aloft during a rally by US President Donald Trump in Greenville, North Carolina.



One born every minute.

Protester holding photos of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein interrupts rally (The Week)

Competing Trends Emerge After Divisive Rally (Newsweek)

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A bid to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump has been blocked in the US House of Representatives.

Texas Democrat Al Green filed the resolution after the House voted to denounce Mr Trump’s attacks aimed at four US congresswomen as racist.

But the measure failed to win enough support, with his fellow Democrats voting overwhelmingly against.

Donald Trump impeachment bid fails in the House (BBC)

Mr Acosta was the US Attorney in Miami in 2008 when he oversaw a non-prosecution deal against Epstein which allowed him to serve 13 months in jail – with much of that spent on work release at his Palm Beach office.

“This was him not me,” Mr Trump said, adding that Mr Acosta was “a tremendous talent” who “went to Harvard” University. Earlier this week, Mr Trump told reporters that he felt badly for his labour secretary, but added that he did not know him personally before hiring him

US Labour Secretary Alex Acosta resigns over Epstein case (BBC)

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From top: The parade on Constitution Avenue, Washington this morning and the Baby Trump balloon being assembled at a nearby park

This afternoon.

Washington DC.

The July 4 Independence Parade and festivities – and protests – are under way.



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Trump to preside over Fourth of July celebrations in Washington (CBS)

Earlier: Expect Fireworks

An Army driver with the USA 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment, drives a Bradley Fighting Vehicle into place yesterday by the Lincoln Memorial, Washington ahead of today’s Fourth of July festivities

This morning.

Washington DC.

Thousands are gathering  in the US capital to celebrate the birth of America with a parade which this year will feature Army tanks, a flyover of military jets, Air Force One and fireworks.

Via USA Today:

The centerpiece? A speech from President Donald Trump — the first time in decades that a president has addressed the crowd.

But protests are expected and Trump is facing criticisms over the costs of the event and has been accused of injecting politics into a traditionally nonpartisan event. This year’s celebration won’t just attract tourists, Washington, D.C., residents and families looking to observe the holiday.

Both protesters and supporters of the president are descending to the heart of the nation’s capital – potentially putting the patriotic holiday on a collision course for partisan fights.

Thousands expected for Donald Trump’s 4th of July celebration, featuring tanks and lots of protests (USA Today)




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This afternoon.

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Former White House photographer and author of Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents Pete Souza takes a pop at US President Donald Trump during his visit to Ireland.

Mr Souza has been posting throwback pictures of Mr Obama’s previous visits to the UK and Ireland while Mr Trump is over this side of the pond.

The Hill reports:

In one of a string of photos Souza shared to Instagram, Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama can be seen helping a grinning Queen Elizabeth out of a car.

The caption of the photo, which was shared on the second day of Trump’s visit, reads: “She likes him better.”

In another, Obama can be seen speaking to the British monarch as she laughs. That photo is captioned: “He makes her laugh.”

Obama is shown in another photo playing with Prince William’s son, Prince George, with a caption reading: “The little ones can always tell a person of character.”

Former White House photographer trolls Trump’s visit to UK with Obama throwbacks (The Hill)


Last night.

Donald Trump Jnr and Eric Trump during a pub crawl in Doonbeg, Co Clare.



The ‘international face of hate‘?

Thanks bebe

This evening.

Shannon, County Clare.

Scenes from around the ‘Stop Trump Peace Camp’ near Shannon Airport during the visit of US President of the United States Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania to Ireland.

Johnny Keenan (him what was off the ‘telly’) is in there somewhere.

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