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The embroidery of Parisian artist Cécile Davidovici  – family memories sourced from home movie stills and stitched into linen. Of the collection, entitled ‘<<1988’  she sez:

When my mother died, I started watching VHS tapes from my childhood. I use primarily cotton and linen. I find it evokes the same warmth I feel when I think of my childhood.


david-cata-sews-portraits-of-his-family-into-the-palm-of-his-hand-designboom-01 david-cata-sews-portraits-of-his-family-into-the-palm-of-his-hand-designboom-20 david-cata-sews-portraits-of-his-family-into-the-palm-of-his-hand-designboom-18 david-cata-sews-portraits-of-his-family-into-the-palm-of-his-hand-designboom-15 david-cata-sews-portraits-of-his-family-into-the-palm-of-his-hand-designboom-13 david-cata-sews-portraits-of-his-family-into-the-palm-of-his-hand-designboom-05

In his photo/flesh embroidery series ‘a flor de piel’, Spanish artist David Catá stitches the faces of people important in his life into the skin of his own palm. Sez he:

…their lives have been interwoven with mine to build my history. Every moment lived stays in the memory to finally be forgotten. somehow, this fact is painful, since there are only material things and traces that people leave behind.