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Aerial portraits by Kevin Krautgartner of the Wadden Sea to the southeast of the North Sea – the world’s largest unbroken system of intertidal sand, mud flats and wetlands. To wit:

A vast area along the coastlines of the three countries: The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, it has a high biological diversity and is an important area for both breeding and migrating birds. During low tide the shallow water which is left on the sand forms incredible unique structures which can look completely different each day.


The very pleasing embroidered aerial landscapes of Devon-based Victoria Rose Richards: textured French knot forests, satin fields ’tilled’ with seed stitch, sudden multicoloured flights of fancy and minuscule added detail including teeny sheep, farm gates and wheeling birds.

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Aerial Project ‘33K’, of which creator, Pulitzer prize winning photographer Vincent LaForet sez:

Over several months of prep and R&D we modified a LearJet and flew above the earth looking straight down at the shear beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer us that we all too often miss from the ground. Shot on RED in 8K.

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