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Take that, United Kingd…

Ah here.

Bad news for the ‘Global Britain’ Brexiters (FT)

Gerard Kelly outside Leinster House this morning.

This morning.

Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

The Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has declined calls to meet Donegal mussel fisherman Gerard Kelly (above)  who began a hunger strike yesterday in protest at legislation to restore reciprocal access for Northern Irish fishermen to Irish waters.

Gerard, from Greencastle, County Donegal is protesting the planned restoration of the Voisinage Arrangement which would allow access for fishermen on both sides of the border for up to six nautical miles off the coast of each jurisdiction.

Minister appeals to fisherman to stop hunger strike (Irish Times)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

From top: Rapporteur on copyright MEP Axel Voss celebrates in the EU parliament today; A Wired primer on Article 13

This afternoon

A directive introducing sweeping changes to copyright enforcement across Europe has been approved by the European parliament.

It will now go before EU countries and civil servants who will attempt to resolve their differences over the proposals.

The European copyright directive, voted in by 348 MEPs to 274 against, is best known for two provisions it contains: articles 11 and 13, referred to as the “link tax” and “upload filter”, respectively, by opponents.

The latter has been the main focus of campaigning. It requires websites that host user-generated content to take active measures to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded without permission, under the penalty of being held liable for their users’ copyright infringement.

Article 11, the “link tax”, includes new requirements aimed at making companies like Google pay licensing fees to publications such as newspapers whose work gets aggregated in services like Google News…

MEPs approve sweeping changes to copyright law (The Guardian)

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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the Global Ireland conference in Dublin Castle yesterday

“ I will leave it to the bookmakers and fortune-tellers to predict the results of discussions in London. However, there are three takeaways from the Brexit process and the current state of world affairs that I would like to share with you today.

The first is: We are strong when we stand together. During the Brexit negotiations, all 27 Member States agreed on a common position – and stood by it.

This unity includes full solidarity with Ireland. We insisted, and still do, that a hard border dividing the Irish island is unacceptable. And yes, some people called us stubborn.

But the truth is: Avoiding a hard border in Ireland is a fundamental concern. It is a matter of principle, a question of identity for the European Union. A union that, more than anything else, serves one purpose: To build and maintain peace in Europe.

As Germans, we understand how walls and borders can threaten peace. We believe in the peace-making power of European unity.

A belief we share with you, the Irish. Your Good Friday Agreement is living proof of this principle”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Dublin Castle yesterday.

Address by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on the occasion of the Meeting of Ireland’s Ambassadors and Consuls General (German Foreign Ministry)

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Public Banking Alliance write:

We pay over €170k (>60%) on top of the principle to the commercial banks for a mortgage on an ‘average’ price house. Compare that to €49k in Germany.

Germany has 70% Community/Public Banking.  The Commercial Banks in Germany have only 12.5% of the market…

Kevin Byrne writes:

Irish banks charge customers the highest interest rates in Europe. ECB figures show that Irish banks are up to three times more profitable than Eurozone counterparts.

Average interest rate here is 3.2% compared to eurozone average of 1.9%. Businesses charged 5.1% compared to 2.3% Even after paying 42% of Europes banking crisis.

Good times.

Public Banking Alliance

Italian deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini

Italy’s populist government is standing firm on its new budget proposals, but it could now pay the price for doing so with the EU launching disciplinary measures against the country.

The European Commission — the EU’s legislative arm — said that Italy’s 2019 draft budget does not comply with the EU’s requirement that member states work to reduce their debt piles.

As such, the Commission will now launch what’s known as an “Excessive Deficit Procedure” that could lead to Italy being fined.

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini remained defiant after the news, saying he will talk to the Commission “politely, as always, but will carry on.”

Who would want to leave such a club?



EU begins disciplinary procedures against Italy after rejecting its controversial budget plans (CNBC)

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Following his filthy display of ‘continental charm’ at the Aras…

Jean Claude ‘On the juice’ Juncker, perpetually partying President of the European Commission, continues his ‘lost weekend’.

On our dime.


Jean-Claude Juncker seen stumbling and in wheelchair at Nato event (Independent.co.uk)

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