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‘The Most Important Love Of All’

Keano, of FRO Films, writes:

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day we are bombarded with images of blissfully happy couples exchanging teddy bears and taking out mortgages to buy each other expensive jewellery.

This can be a very difficult week for those who are single, alone, or feeling lonely and isolated. Here is a one-minute reminder of the most important love of all.

Any excuse.

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Keano, of FRO Films, writes:

Given the annual controversy surrounding “Fairytale of New York”, I imagined what the lyrics might sound like by 2020, once all problematic language is removed.

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Brexit to United Ireland? Four vital aspects of Brexit agreement from Irish perspective.

By FRO Films.

Keano, of FRO Films, writes:

I’ve put a video together of a review of what’s in the Brexit agreement from an Irish perspective.

FRO Films on Broadsheet

Keano, of FRO Films, writes:

“The dull presidential campaign has been electrified with the launch of a new candidate last weekend, keen to unseat the incumbent and start a new truly national conversation. Vote O’Reilly this Friday.”

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Fergus Keane, of FRO Films, writes:

“As summer draws to a close, some summer relationships may need to be gently wound down. We spare you having to read a magazine’s unsightly instructions on how best to do this by offering “TEN pain-free ways to leave your lover”

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