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Hey Ewe.

The farm-based game everyone is talking about.

The first title from Dublin’s Rocket Rainbow (in partnership with Worms creators Team17).

Hay Ewe is an iOS game that challenges you to help Matilda, the titular female sheep, navigate puzzles in order to collect various items and round up a group of stubborn lambs.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Hay Ewe is available now on the App Store for $4.99, with no in-app purchases.

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Hey Ewe reviews welcome below.

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Rocket Rainbow

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Hey Ewe.

An Irish-made epic sheep puzzle game.

Worth shearing.

JP Vaughan of Rocket Rainbow writes;

“I’m one of the developers on Hay Ewe and wanted to let you know about its global release on the AppStore Tomorrow [Thursday, October9].
It’s being published in partnership with UK publishing veteran Team17 Ltd, the guys who made Worms, and is the first title from Rocket Rainbow.
We’re a very small Irish game developer that began life after the US company, PopCap, closed its Dublin studio back in September 2012. There’s not many games development jobs in Ireland, PopCap was the largest when it was here employing 96 people, so we had to choose between going abroad or doing it ourselves. Thankfully we went with the latter and although it has been Lidl noodles and little pay for the past year and a half, we are still delighted with the decision. It would be great if you got the word out.”

Rocket Rainbow

Hay Ewe released for iOS this week! (Gamasutra)


Parts one and two of the Tropes Vs Women in Video Games series – a Kickstarter funded educational video project exploring one of the most prevalent gender-stereotyping clichés of gaming. Of the just-released episode 2, Anita Sarkeesian sez:

In this installment we look at “dark and edgy” side of the trope in more modern games and how the plot device is often used in conjunction with graphic depictions of violence against women. Over the past decade we’ve seen developers try to spice up the old Damsel in Distress cliche by combining it with other tropes involving victimized women including the disposable woman, the mercy killing and the woman in the refrigerator.

The who in the whatnow?

Certain angry men don’t want you to watch this.