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Kerron Ó Luain writes:

€150 [marked] for a pack of facemasks in Hickey’s Pharmacy & €9.95 for a pissy bit of hand sanitiser in an unidentified shop.

The word Gombeen came into use during the Great Famine of the 1840s to describe parasites who preyed on the poor & vulnerable.

They’re still here!

Price gun mishaps?



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The container listed on Daft as a one-bedroom apartment

Wesley Ryan of Boskill, Caherconlish, failed to seek planning permission for the 40 foot by eight foot container which is located in the equestrian centre he owns with his mother.

…The property came to the attention of the council and the public when it was advertised to rent on property website Daft.ie for €125 per week.

Mr Ryan told the Limerick Leader that he originally planned to rent the container out for a month, but had decided to remove the advertisement due to what he describes as “cyberbullying”.

Limerick Council demands removal of shipping container ‘apartment’ that came to light in Daft ad (Limerick Leader)

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Of this brilliant low-rent short, animator Remy Schaepman sez:

One day, I realized I wanted to make a film in eight days. And for a long time, I have been longing to animate something really simple in terms of graphic style (like those of Sempé or Reiser). I had neither money nor time, but I had a mike. So I made the soundtrack with my mouth. I ended up with that. Thanks for your leniency.


“Because if you woke up tomorrow morning and the headlines in the Thursday property section of the newspapers read that property prices had increased by 10%, the wonderful factor of greed would re-enter the marketplace, and you would find that there is a turn in the marketplace.”

Soden: Nama intervention Would Bring ‘Wonderful Factor Of Greed’ Back To Property Market

Listen to the full interview (from Newstalk’s Breakfast show) here.

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(Gareth Chaney/Photocall Ireland)