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uptown downtownHere & There: two prints of Manhattan (‘Uptown’ (top) from 3rd and 7th and ‘Downtown’ from 3rd and 35th) with the horizon ‘removed’ and the topography folded upwards, Inception-style (but pre-dating that movie’s city-bending scene by two years), by London design group BERG.

Part of MOMA‘s permanent collection since last year, they’re also available as limited edition 90 x 120cm prints.


VerticalHorizon1 VerticalHorizon2 VerticalHorizon4 VerticalHorizon5 VerticalHorizon7
A series of ‘vertical horizons’ of the Hong Kong sky shot from street level and framed by the city’s skyscrapers from a book by French photographer and graphic artist Romain Jacquet-Lagreze.

By eliminating people from his images, Jacquet-Lagreze has taken away the human qualities that normally define such a largely populated city and turned it into an abstract visual reality. The artist’s bio explains that he uses his camera to illustrate his feelings about Hong Kong, inspired mainly by “the geometry of the urban environment and the vivid lives it shelters.


Ronan Grant writes:

I watched the Horizon documentary “The Hunt For Higgs” [on Wednesday]. While I struggled to figure out exactly what the hell was going on they did a quick edit of about 5 or 6 different shots of the Large Hadron Collider and finished on the attached image. I really want this to be a real button. Do they also have a big green one that says “Make Experiment Go Now”?


Large Hadron Collider (Wikipedia)