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A 38 storey wooden skyscraper designed by Studio Marco Vermeulen for Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Two rectangular towers, 130 and 100 metres tall will dominate the centre of the city next to the Dommel river – taller than lofty predecessors HoHo Wein tower in Vienna and the Mjösa Tower in Brumunddal, Norway.

Made from cross laminated timber sourced from sustainably managed forests, the complex will include housing, offices, leisure facilities and a hotel, centred around a winter garden on the lower floors.


A planning application has been submitted for a 45-floor apartment block on North Wall Quay, Dublin 1


Archidub writes:

Planning application submitted to An Bord Pleanala for 1,005 apartments in 3 blocks ranging from 8 to 45 storeys on a 1.1 hectare site at City Block 9 on North Wall Quay, Dublin 1 (North Lotts). While its unlikely to be built in its current form due to Docklands SDZ’s onerous height limits, it does seem likely a version of this will be constructed at some stage in future whether this is through waiting for a change in the SDZ or abolishing the SDZ.


Behold: Majestic Towers – all 80cm of it – a 450 piece laser cut acrylic HO-scale model of an art deco apartment building- showcased here by model railway builder Luke Towan, who further enhanced its miniature magnificence with deft paint-strokes, 3D-printed details  and interior lights.

In fairness.


AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_8 AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_9 AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_11 AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_13 AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_21AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_15 AequoreaOceanscraper3Dprintedfromrecycledoceantrash_VincentCallebaut_dezeen_1568_18

An ambitious concept by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut for an oceanic city made from a 3D printed combination of algae and recycled rubbish. The jellyfish-like, marina-domed ‘seascrapers’ extendable up to a kilometre deep, would feature renewable energy sources and sustanable food in the form of vegetable gardens, plankton, algae and mollusc farms.

One of many sustainable/renewable/optimistic concepts that can be viewed at Callebaut’s website.


rwChapter+03b+41+West+57th+Street+New+York+City+balcony+1000+HORIZ Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 00.41.51 Chapter+03b+41+West+57th+Street+New+York+City+night+context+02+1000

A conceptual design By Mark Foster Gage Architects for an ornate, realtor-trolling, 102 storey New York City residential building overlooking Central Park. To wit:

The building is draped in a façade of limestone-tinted Taktl© concrete panels with hydroformed sheet-bronze details and brass-tinted alloy structural extrusion enclosures. The 64th floor features a sky-lobby with exclusive retail stores, a 2-story high ballroom for events, and a 4-star restaurant all of which have access to four massive cantilevered balconies that offer an awe-inspiring event and dining experience unique to the city of New York.


world trade centre 1966 sears tower 1970 chrysler 1929 NY Times building 1903 manhattan bridge 1909 golden gate bridge 1933 empire state early 1930s brooklyn bridge 1883

Above: The World Trade Center in 1970; Sears Tower in 1970) Chrysler Building in 1929, New York Times Building in 1903, Manhattan Bridge in 1909; San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in 1933; the Empire State Building in the early 1930s and Brooklyn Bridge in 1883.

MORE: 15 Vintage Photos of The US Iconic Buildings And Bridges As They Were Being Built (Vintag)


residential-tower-432-park-avenue-manhattan-penthouse-architecture-1 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-12 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-10 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-9 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-5 432-park-avenue-manhattan-residential-tower-architecture-4

The penthouse of 432 Park Avenue – a residential skyscraper soon to be the tallest building in New York City (at 396m, 9.1m taller than One World Trade Centre).

Built on the $440 million site of the 1926 Drake Hotel, the development is due for completion next year.

104 apartments ranging in price from $16.96 million to $82.5 million.