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flip-1 flip-2 flip-3 flip-6
Shots of the translucent blue underside of a flipped iceberg (free of snow and debris) taken by photographer Alex Cornell during a recent visit to Antarctica.

Such flips are rare, as up to 90% of the mass of an iceberg lies underwater. According to Science Focus, the events can cause minor tsunamis that have been known to swamp vessels nearby.


Youtuber osibaruch, who captured this footage last month, sez:

This Iceberg was “calved” by Argentina’s Uppsala glacier. While we were passing by it with a catamaran, the huge berg lost a part of itself (look at the right side sinking) and then flipped over with a huge roar. In the process of melting this happens all the time, but it is seldom that it is captured on video WHEN it happens…