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Behold: the dusty central Milky Way rising over the ancient Andean archaeological site of Yacoraite in northwestern Argentina. To wit:

The denizens of planet Earth reaching skyward are the large Argentine saguaro cactus currently native to the arid region. The unusual yellow-hued reflection nebula above is created by dust scattering starlight around red giant star Antares. Alpha star of the constellation Scorpius, Antares is over 500 light-years distant. Next to it bright blue Rho Ophiuchi is embedded in more typical dusty bluish reflection nebulae though. The deep night skyscape was created from a series of background exposures of the rising stars made while tracking the sky, and a foreground exposure of the landscape made with the camera and lens fixed on the tripod. In combination they produce the single stunning image and reveal a range of brightness and color that your eye can’t quite perceive on its own.

(Image: Franco Meconi)




For the weekend that will be in it.

Wednesday, October 20th, 1999.

The Stade Félix Bollaert, Lens.

A much fancied Irish team just had to show up and beat Los Pumas to secure a World Cup quarter-final place at Lansdowne Road. Guided by Warren Gatland and Donal Lenihan, they had, in fairness, steadied Irish rugby’s on-field fortunes.

Plucky tyke Brian O’Driscoll becoming evergreen in an Irish shirt even before he had broken through at Leinster.

Times were bon..

Donal Spring writing for the Irish Times said:

For this Irish squad, the 1999 World Cup is over before it really begins. We all knew that we were going to get to Lens and that we would meet our first genuine test there as we were always unlikely to beat Australia.

We have failed that test. In these days of public relations the message from the Irish camp was to go “where no Irish team had gone before in the World Cup”. They have achieved that distinction, but it is not quite what they had in mind..

We’ve been here before it would seem.



The Pope.

And his past.

Staying in tonight?

Melanie O’Connor writes:

Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? The Pope who calls himself ‘a sinner’ is, certainly, a man of contradictions. But how did the man who was loved and loathed by his fellow Jesuits back in Argentina become Pope and can he hold the Roman Catholic Church together and reform it at the same time? In a Would You Believe special, Pope Francis – The Sinner airing tonight at 9.35pm on RTÉ One looks at the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and what shaped him into the Pope he is today.
“Francis has crystallised a new vision of the church that includes everybody” says Paul Vallely, the Pope’s early biographer. However, not everyone agrees and Mary McAleese, while she likes the new Pope, feels he just doesn’t get women: “there’s a blind side here…that leaves good men…like Francis still carrying a residual element of misogyny that closes them off…”


The Sinner at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

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Youtuber osibaruch, who captured this footage last month, sez:

This Iceberg was “calved” by Argentina’s Uppsala glacier. While we were passing by it with a catamaran, the huge berg lost a part of itself (look at the right side sinking) and then flipped over with a huge roar. In the process of melting this happens all the time, but it is seldom that it is captured on video WHEN it happens…


More than a million people a year visit El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore inside the former Teatro Gran Splendid in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

The former theatre and cinema, originally opened in 1919, was converted in 2000 with most of its ornate interiors left intact, including ceiling frescoes, sculptures and theatre boxes that now double as cosy reading nooks.

Massive Theater Converted Into Magnificent Bookstore (My Modern Met)


Buenos Aires, yesterday.

Argentinian legislator Graciela Camano has just risen from her chair to confront her colleague, Carlos Kunkel during a session of the Upper House’s constitutional affairs commission. Seconds out, round one:

“Under no circumstances will I allow Kunkel or anyone else to lack respect,” Ms Camano said.

The incident was broadcast live on two television news channels.