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RT’s Paula Slier reports from Donetsk and carefully sidesteps the Ukrainian President’s assertion that the Russian Army has invaded.

The story of 10 Russian soldiers getting lost and ending up 20 miles into Ukrainian territory is still being pedalled.

“Now a few days ago there were 10 Russian soldiers who mistakenly crossed over the Russian-Ukrainian border into Ukrainian territory. The incident happened at night while at a part of the border where there are very few signposts”


Ukraine Says Russian Forces Lead Major New Offensive in East (New York Times)

UK-based photographer Thom Atkinson’s series Soldiers’ Inventories – an attempt to explore “the mythology surrounding Britain’s relationship with war.”

With the help of historians, reenactment specialists, collectors and private soldiers, the series (featuring soldiers’ kits laid out and documented in detail here) span 948 years from Hastings to Helmand Province.

Above: typical soldier’s kit from the Battle of Hastings (1066), Siege of Jerusalem (1244), Agincourt (1415), Bosworth (1485), Malplaquet (1709), Arnhem (1944), The Falklands (1982), Helmand (2014).