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View of Rathgar, Dublin 6, from a drone; The Rubberbandits avatar

As research for a podcast, Blindboy, of The Rubberbandits, tweeted a few questions to his followers.

He asked:

“…how many of ye are moving out of Dublin? Not because ye can’t find work. But because it’s too expensive. And where are ye moving?”

They’re answering in their droves…






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Pic: Aerial.ie


They’ve gone to Amerikay.

MTV presents the US version of the Almost Impossible Game Show, which premieres next Thursday on the beleaguered pop-culture channel and its heavily-pushed app.

Limerick’s finest The Rubberbandits have held on to the voiceover spot in a tough market for UK/Irish telly pilots.

In fairness.

MTV, next Thursday.Probably up on Youtube after

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 22.33.10

Jim Fogarty writes:

Not sure if you guys have heard this, but this is a great interview from the always fantastic Distraction Pieces podcast, hosted by Scroobius Pip, in which he interviews our very own Blindboy Boat-Club [Dave Chambers] of the Rubberbandits.Topics covered include Mental Health Issues, Addiction, Social Prejudice, Trappings of “Fame”, and more…

Listen here.

Dublin’s Absolut Fringe festival starts proper today.

To mark the occasion We have two PAIRS of tickets to see The Rubberbandits [with support from Pop Céilí] playing in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin, on Saturday, September 22 (10pm) to literally give away.

Just finish this sentence:

I deserve a free pair of tickets to see The Rubberbandits because…

Most deserving entries without the words ‘horse outside’ win the tickets.

Lines close at 3pm.

The Rubberbandits (Absolut Fringe Fest)

Thanks Jessica

No cash, favours, passes (other than the prizes), etc.were given for this post

Willie O’DJ ‘administering a yoke’ prior to ‘dropping a tab’, then taking bets with himself as to which will ‘kick in first’, as performed by the Rubberbandits and friends at a Meteor Camden Crawl 2012 event in The Village on Wexford Street, Dublin literally 90 minutes ago.

We have no idea what any of that means.

You had to be there. Were you?

(Thanks Oisin)