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A new 1,020 square meter mural of the late Leonard Cohen in Montreal based on a 2008 photograph by Lorca Cohen and created by artists El Mac, Gene Pendon and a large team of assistants.

The mural required 10 weeks of work, 350 litres of paint and 240 cans of spray paint and features subtle red accents around the singer’s heart.

It was unveiled on Wednesday – just over a year after Cohen’s death.



Last week, as the death of Leonard Cohen was announced, we put up a pony to spend at any of the many Golden Discs nationwide, including Dundrum Town Centre (above) which opened last week (their biggest shop yet at 10,000 sq. ft).

In return, we asked YOU to nominate your favourite Leonard Cohen song.

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only one winner.

Liam Deliverance earns the voucher with this heartfelt dedication.

On this sad day would you ever just play Leonard Cohen’s “Nevermind” because he lived his life, he lived it as he wanted to live it, not as the world tried to dictate how he should live it. If you want to feel sorry for somebody, feel it for yourself, you are still here, you still face the challenge of preventing the world from changing you into opinionless robot. Mr Cohen is gone now, he survived that challenge, he wears the hat and now he wears the smile.

In other highlights:

Gorugeen: “On this sad day would you ever just play Leonard Cohen’s Tower of Song please. It reminds me of doing night feeds. My babies all calmed down just nicely when i put this song on. So long Leonard. I will surely miss you.

Nessy: “On this sad day would you ever just play Leonard Cohen’s Anthem because “the dove is never free” but today, Leonard Cohen is. “Don’t dwell on what has passed away ….”

Verbatim: ‘On this sad day would you ever just play Leonard Cohen’s Closing Time because it reminds me of all that I’ve left behind and we all have a closing time.”

Kearnivale: “On this sad day would you ever just play Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man, because his label told him they weren’t sure if he was any good, and he came back with this stunner.”

Turgenev: “On this sad day would you ever just play the documentary Leonard and Marianne, about the years on Hydra and the goodness he left ‘for the sake of an education in the world’.”

Thank you all.

Golden Discs


Piss off grandad.

You may appreciate this.

Captain Bringdown writes:

With “Len” playing Dublin tonight and tomorrow, I thought your readers might like this song and video I made about the ‘cult of Hallelujah’, set to some rare (found it on YouTube) footage of Cohen from the 1960s Here‘s the audio-only version, if you’re into that sort of thing. Sweet dreams, sunbeams…



When he came down from the mountain his lifelong depression had finally lifted. “When I speak of depression,” he says carefully, “I speak of a clinical depression that is the background of your entire life, a background of anguish and anxiety, a sense that nothing goes well, that pleasure is unavailable and all your strategies collapse. I’m happy to report that, by imperceptible degrees and by the grace of good teachers and good luck, that depression slowly dissolved and has never returned with the same ferocity that prevailed for most of my life.” He thinks it might just be down to old age. “I read somewhere that as you grow older certain brain cells die that are associated with anxiety so it doesn’t really matter how much you apply yourself to the disciplines. You’re going to start feeling a lot better or a lot worse depending on the condition of your neurons.”


Leonard Cohen: ‘All I’ve Got To Put In A Song Is My Own Experience’ (Dorian Lynskey, Guardian)