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This morning.

Well, that’s cleared that up then.

Airborne cartography.

Rigorous airborne cartography.



Monday: Happy Trails

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Formerly unemployed mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

You may have noticed a lack of maps, that’s because I am now gainfully employed! So no staying up to till all hours mapping kebabs and the like.
I covered a topic on my blog about students in Dublin  2004-2014 before and followed up by creating a map and a few charts and graphs that some may find interesting. I’ll let the map (above) speak for itself and you can explore more on the topic via my blog post here.
If anyone is curious I am working with global spatial geo-datasets and logistics software in London, for a small firm called Map Mechanics. It’s pretty cool to work in a country where real business gets done and ….. (I better stop there before I offend :P ). I’ll hopefully create more maps over the next few weeks…

10 Years In Third Level Education (Omar Sarhan)