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New Yorker writer and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

This morning/afternoon.

Via BBC:

A top US legal analyst has been suspended by New Yorker magazine after he exposed himself on a Zoom call. Jeffrey Toobin, 60, also a prominent CNN commentator, has been in demand as the US election campaign intensifies. The incident, first reported by Vice News, happened during an election simulation involving the New Yorker and WNYC radio last week.

New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin exposes himself in Zoom call (BBC)


‘…This piece has been updated with more detail about the call. The headline has been updated to reflect that Toobin was masturbating.’

New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Masturbating on Zoom Call (Vice)


Tom ‘You’re Just Jealous Of My Jetpack’ Gauld designs the Spring-themed cover of the New Yorker.

Play the interactive version (including snippets of Vivaldi’s “Spring”; Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”; Beethoven’s “Spring Sonata”; the folk song “One Morning in Spring”; and birdsong from the American robin, which tends to appear in springtime after local migration) here.



Ferguson, Missouri last night

What transpired in the streets appeared to be a kind of municipal version of shock and awe; the first wave of flash grenades and tear gas had played as a prelude to the appearance of an unusually large armored vehicle, carrying a military-style rifle mounted on a tripod. The message of all of this was something beyond the mere maintenance of law and order: it’s difficult to imagine how armored officers with what looked like a mobile military sniper’s nest could quell the anxieties of a community outraged by allegations regarding the excessive use of force. It revealed itself as a raw matter of public intimidation.

What I Saw In Ferguson (Jelani Cobb, New Yorker)

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‘Anti-homeless’ spikes from Wexford company, Kent Stainless

Very important objects (The New Yorker)

Kent Stainless

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H/T: Ciaran Cuffe

I found the tape, marked “never to be erased,” in New Zealand last year, as I sorted through dusty boxes in Mum’s garage. “I think it’s a message your Dad tried to leave you,” Mum said, as if stumbling across such a thing were an everyday occurrence.

…The first few seconds, the tape only clicked. But then Dad started talking.