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Last night/this morning.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reponds to a Wellington court decision on Friday to overturn police and defence vaccine mandates

Govt faces legal ultimatum: End mandates and vaccine passes, now (Newsroom,co.nz)



Graffiti outside the Freemason’s Hall, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2 on New Year’s Eve morning (above). The scene on New Years’ Eve night (top)

The Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland grand secretary Philip Daley described the attack as “very serious” and “completely out of the blue”.

However, he said there had been previous demonstrations outside the hall and other Masonic halls in Ireland by anti-vaccination campaigners.

“The view is that we created the virus and we are part of the new world order and we have to be stopped. It’s ridiculous stuff,” he said.




Anti-vaccination graffiti found after suspected arson at Masonic Hall (Irish Times)



Fox-bothering Presidential hopeful Gavin Duffy in what appears to be a promotional video for the Freemasons from the 1990s.

John Finuncane writes:

I wonder is Gavin still a Freemason?

As he is perfectly entitled to be.


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Inside the Royal Arch Room, The Grand Lodge and the chapel of Freemason’s Hall in Molesworth Street, Dublin, yesterday.

Ireland’s home of the amusing handshake and rest-stop for visiting Knights Templar, has been opened to the public for Heritage Week.

If those walls could talk.

They’d probably say ‘Yikes’.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)