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This afternoon.

In Waterford city.

A building has been occupied by a group of housing activists on O’Connell Street.

Take Back The City – Waterford writes:

Following another increase in the number of homeless people, activists in Waterford have said enough is enough and initiated a 24-hour occupation of a vacant building on O’Connell St. The building is the former Presbytery now owned by Waterford City and County Council. This follows a summer of occupations in Dublin.

Local People Before Profit rep Una Dunphy said: ‘Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy issued targets last year, he said Waterford would build 687 new social houses between now and 2021. This is a ridiculously low number but, even so, only 11 social houses were built last year. There are over 3,000 on the housing list in Waterford and it’s growing with many eviction orders before the courts. There is over 110 people homeless in Waterford at present.’

Meanwhile, a public meeting will take place on Thursday, September 13, at 7pm, in the Unite Union Hall, Keyzer Street in Waterford.

Speakers on the night include PBP Rep Una Dunphy, Michelle Byrne, USI Vice-President for Campaigns and an activist from the Dublin Summerhill Occupation and United Against Racism.

Via Take Back The City – Waterford (Facebook)

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This afternoon.

In Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

A group of activists have occupied the city’s planned Google campus.

#fuckoffgoogle tweetz:

A small step for Kreuzberg but a great step for humanity. Google Campus is being squatted right now.


Protests against gentrification Activists occupy the Google campus in Kreuzberg (Berline Zeitung)

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On Frederick Lane, Dublin 1

Take Back The City tweetz:

Shoutout to Subset Dublin for this amazing piece. Their Grey Area Project is a response to prohibitory planning laws which hinder artists’ self expression. This latest piece is an expression of solidarity with our direct actions & we absolutely love it…


As the occupation of 34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1 by housing activists continues…

They’re expanding.

Take Back The City writes:

Picking out a lovely new little gaff for us to occupy is like eating pick ‘n mix – there’s just so much to choose from! As supporting numbers have been increasing steadily since the North Fredrick Street take over we have decided to double the fun with sweet, sweet occupation number three.

Ye heard us right, double – we aren’t moving, but expanding. Occupation three will be held in conjunction with North Fredrick Street, building an occupation community so to speak.

While all occupations hold a special place in our hearts this one is set to be a show-stopper. To keep you all guessing, we will be adding letters to the wheel of fortune board [above] each day in lead up to the grand reveal.

We are calling on people to gather at the GPO at 5.30pm [on Saturday] where we will take to the roads together and walk to our next addition.

Occupation Expansion: Where to Next? (Facebook)

34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1

This morning.

At 34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1.

Housing activists continue to occupy the property – despite a judge ordering them to leave it by 2pm last Wednesday.

The Take Back The City group writes:

“The Frederick St occupation is holding strong against the injunction. We are asking all those who are frustrated, underrepresented, and determined to change this country to join the stand this morning to show that we will not be silenced.

“From 8am we will be showing our solidarity by continuing to picket. Stop by on your way to work, put us into your exercise plan, and jog in protest – we appreciate the continued support from the community and are proud of our achievements.”

Take Back The City (Facebook)

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34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1


At 34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1.

At 1pm.

Dublin Central Housing Action writes:

Saturday will be Day 4 of resisting the injunction at 34 Frederick St North!

Mothers and students, workers and teachers, care leavers, couch surfers and renters have taken the brave step together to face down an injunction. We Need Your Support!

Groups have been occupying buildings now for 23 days, with three goals, 1) to spark off the housing movement through radical action, 2) to build community, and 3) to expose who is causing the housing crisis. We have stood our ground, but now is the time for the movement to grow.

In Dublin we are calling on groups to rally in support on Saturday the 1st, for groups to step forward to join us and break the injunction. If they can’t take this step, defend us from the outside and write statements of support.

Outside Dublin we are calling on people to do solidarity actions and to join us on the 8th of September in Dublin for the relaunch of the Irish Housing Network.

If groups want to take radical direct action, including occupations, get in touch and lets spread this fight across the island!

Rally For Frederick Street (Facebook)

Yesterday: Vacant Stand-Off


Housing activists outside 38/39 Bolton Street in 2015

Lois Kapila, in The Dublin Inquirer, reports:

Three years ago, when housing activists stood down from their occupation of 38 and 39 Bolton Street after the council took them to court for trespassing, they didn’t feel too bad, says Séamus Farrell.

Dublin City Council had said the buildings – which it owns – would be turned into accommodation for people who were homeless. That was something they could rally behind, said Farrell.

But it hasn’t happened yet.

The two tall buildings in the north inner-city are still empty, with boarded-up windows and shuttered doors, and advertising posters plastered to the front wall.

“It’s not surprising, it’s disappointing,” says Farrell, an activist who was involved at the time. He is now among those who have taken over a Georgian building on Summerhill Parade…

Many years on, two council buildings on Bolton Street are still empty (Lois Kapila, The Dublin Inquirer)

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