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Last Saturday at Ocala Natural Forest in Florida, as reported by WPTV Palm Beach:


Richard Jones told WFTV in Orlando that he and his family were walking along the Oklawaha River watching alligators when his son walked through palm fronds to get a good picture. Jones told WFTV that his son must have startled the raccoon, which he said then stumbled toward the water and hopped on top of the gator that was near the water’s edge.


park park1Dublin 2, 40 minutes ago.

One of many temporary parks installed in Dublin city today for Dublin Park(ing) Day

Apparently, it’s all about ‘taking a park for a walk’.

(Px: OIsín Kane)


molesworthA temporary park on Molesworth Street, Dublin.

Thanks Aaron

smithfieldCrazy Golf in Smithfield.

Thanks Ink Tonic

parkAnd…South William Street, Dublin.

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And the rest…

tumblr_mtf0moGaAF1rwq4xwo1_1280 (Thanks Colmahhh)