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Agilus – the ‘world’s fastest robot’ according to its manufacturer KUKA – is programmed to take on German table tennis champ Timo Boll (ranked number five in the world) in this promo by Velvet Mediendesign.

The match was filmed at an abandoned sports hall in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Behind the scenes feature (including some actual speed footage) here.



The Flying Machine Arena at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is a testing area for flying robots like the Quadrotor Quadrocopter.

Nifty toys, or miniature spybot UAVs capable of flying through an air-vent and dropping a bomb in a dictator’s lap.

Either way, we’re having two for the office.



This clip’s been doing the rounds lately, to a predictable chorus of ‘awesome’ and ‘OMG’. Sadly, it’s just an excellent, why-can’t-it-be-true fake: a CGI viral ad for a Bruce Lee edition of the Nokia N96 released in China and Hong Kong back in 2008.

Anyway, Bruce would have done it blindfolded.