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The still under construction Lieban International Building in Guiyang, China – a 121m tall tower block with a 106m waterfall designed into it.

Sadly, the projected annual running costs of €860,000 generated by 4 huge pumps and building maintenance means the waterfall will only flow a few times a year and not constantly, as envisaged by the designers.




In case you missed it: a New Year promo by Harriman Steel for Pepsi Max in which a ping pong ball launched from a mousetrap sets off a spectacular varispeed cascade of 1,650 mousetraps and 1,840 ping-pong balls.



A world record setting spiral (and more besides) of 277,275 tiles (of which 272,297 actually toppled) at the Wilhelm-Lückert-Gym in Büdingen, Germany last Friday, smashing the previous record of 30,000.