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“A formal complaint about Wednesday’s doorstep has been made by Fine Gael’s Government Press Secretary Feargal Purcell, stating: “The collective behaviour of the journalists in attendance was disgraceful.”

As one of the journalists present, I know that claim is as inaccurate as it is offensive and I would advise Mr Purcell — who recently took a wage hike of €3,500 to bring his salary from taxpayers to €119,795 as reward for getting the Government’s message across so well — that what is really disgraceful is a Taoiseach refusing to comment on one of the most talked-about issues of the day [gay marriage], and a press machine that far too often resembles a mess machine.

…Bizarre accusations of a woman journalist acting in a manner “tantamount to an assault” on the Taoiseach were also thrown about by some — but in reality the only assault that occurred was the one perpetuated by Mr Kenny and his press flunkies upon the nation’s intelligence.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

Yes, that headline.

He argued that a person who gets into the lake under those conditions would need a bit of luck to survive. He was asked whether the headline implied that the person was stupid. “A man gets into a shark-infested lake, late at night, when inebriated. Would you consider this person to be stupid?” Mr [Peter] Gleeson [Gold Coast Bulletin editor] asked.


Sounds fair.

Wait. What?

Editor Defends Luck Of The Irish Headline (Aisling Mockler, Irish Echon)

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